S. A. Bodeen

Overcoming Weakness

After Eli entering the compound, he kept to himself and shut everyone out. He grew his hair out, so he could hide behind it. He hated the feeling of others touching him because it made him feel sick. He never questioned what people told him to do because he didn't care what happened. One day he found an old, forgotten laptop in his brother's room. The laptop sparked joy and curiosity that he hadn't felt since he entered the compound. After six year of living in the compound, finding this reminded him of the world outside. He felt that there was hope and he felt closer to himself and his mom and siblings. He started to open up and see things for what they were. He ended up cutting his hair and found it easier to touch and hug his family. He started to connect with his sibling to find a way out of the compound. If he would have stayed like the old Eli, hidden from the world, they wouldn't have been able to escape, but they worked together and solved the problem.

Standing Up for Yourself

Eli always trusted his dad to make the right decision. He never question what his dad did. After discovering that his dad had been hiding things about the outside world from him and his family, he got the courage to question his dad. His dad lied right to his face. This made Eli upset, how could his own father keep him locked in a compound separated from the world above. Eli decided it was time to get out. He took maters into his own hands and told his dad what he though of his actions. He found his own way out of the compound and got all of his family out with him.

How the Themes interact Together

When Eli first entered the compound, he kept to himself. After he overcame his weakness of hiding from what was happening around him, he was able to stand up to his dad and question his actions. He was shy and didn't like talking or touching others when he first got in the compound, but because he connected with his family about what they did and how they felt. He was able to overcome those fears and weaknesses and stood up for himself and challenged his dad about why they were in the compound and find the way out. He got all of his family safely out of compound and became a new person with confidence and courage.