Texas Statehood

By the masterfull Reese

The Thought of Annexation

Starting in 1843 some texans had been thinking it would be good for Texas to join the USA as a state, and by 1844 Anson Jones the president at the time for the Republic of Texas was having simalar thoughts. Also many people thought against the idea and thought Texas could grow to be as powerfull as the USA.

Making a compromise

Trouble with USA

As people in the US began to figure out what was going on some were happy and some were not. Most people in th US thought that it would be good to have another state join the union. Then again some people thought Texas had to much dept and that that dept would bring another problem for the US to deal with. They also thought that bringing another slave state into the unoin would not be good.

Polk talks to his people

In the end President James K. Polk of the US decided that it would be a good idea if Texas became a state and talked to all of America about Texas becoming a state. He convinsed the Americans that it would be a good idea to let them join the USA. On feb 28, 1845 a resolution was written sayimg Texas now had the right to become a state.

The 28th State

Texas becomes a state

Finally on dec. 29, 1845 Texas agreed it would become a US state many people were very happy then again many people were not as the texas flag was brought down and the US flag raised high over the Texas capital building.