Jamba Juice franchise

Wyatt Phelps

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a popular smoothie stop in America. You have many options of how you want your smoothie, weather it's a bowl with granola, mixed with ice cream or yogurt, or even a healthy option of all natural smoothies or some protein packed post workout shakes, either way, they all taste great.

What would it cost

-Passion for the brand

-Operations experience in retail or quick
service restaurants (or have a partner w/this

-Minimum $80-100K liquid assets per store and
$300k-359k net worth per store

-Multi-Unit Operator
(Minimum 4 Store Commitment)

-Retail or restaurant operations experience

-Local market knowledge

-Must Pass Operations Interview

Fees - Traditional Unit

Royalty Fee 5.5% (4 or more stores) or 6% (3 or less stores)

Marketing Fee 2-4%

Total is from

$342,600 to $521,100

Franchise Term10 years

Why I would be great for the job

Me and my family are already involved in business in the area and know all about it and what markets we would be hitting. I am huge into health and it is one of my big interests and I want to be able to have a delicious healthy option in lindale.


I would want to open across from Love And War In Texas where the shopping strip will be, along with TJC and loft apartments. This space is in town not far from the high school, which will bring younger age groups who have shown to be high market to Jamba Juice.