Week at a Glance

Week of May 23 to 27 2016

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Week at a Glance

May is:

  • Asian-American Heritage Month
  • Better Hearing and Speech Month
  • Mental Health Month
  • National Physical Fitness and Spots Month

Monday, May 23:
  • ACP testing

Tuesday, May 24:

  • ACP testing

Wednesday, May 25:

  • ACP testing
  • Wear school spirit or college shirt with khakis

Thursday, May 26:

  • ACP testing
  • PLC meeting in Data Room - Please bring:
  1. hard copy of lesson plans for next week,
  2. hard copy of DOL assessment,
  3. stem questions (Kilgo or Region 10)

Friday, May 27:

  • ACP testing make-ups start
  • I-Station Tier I and Tier Movement Celebration
  • Operations meeting, 1:00-1:45pm - Please bring:
  1. Your important dates/events
  2. Tasks for next week
  3. Support needed for tasks
  4. Kudos/Concerns
  • Superhero shirt with jeans

Upcoming events/important dates:
May 18-26 - K-5th ACP testing window
May 25 - Last day to buy Field Day Punch Cards
May 25 - Girls Scout meeting, 4-5pm
May 27 - Field Day
May 30 - Memorial Day - No school
May 31 - Happy birthday, Ms. A. Martinez!
May 31 - Awards Ceremonies: K-8:30am, 3rd-10:30am, 1st-2:00pm, 5th-5:00pm
June 1 - Awards Ceremonies: PK-8:30am, 2nd-10:45am, 4th-1:30pm
June 2 - Last day of school
June 2 - End of year parties, 3:30-4:00pm
June 3 - Happy birthday, Ms. Whitfield!
June 3 - Teacher prep day
June 3 - End of year luncheon for staff!
June 6-10 - STEM Inventors Camp, 9am-3:30pm
June 7 - Happy birthday, Ms. Cantwell!
June 19 - Happy birthday, Mr. Valdes!
June 22 - Happy birthday, Ms. Amezcua!

Extendeds and Summatives

It is that time of the year in which administrators are conducting Extendeds and Summative Conferences.

Please be sure to start collecting artifacts for your summative conference, if you haven't done so already.

This year, the Personalized Professional Learning and Development (P2LD) requirements for your summer learning will be based on your summative evaluation score. Starting on May 7, you will be meeting with your evaluator to begin signing up for your P2LD. For more information see below.

Morning Announcements - PKA is Next

Please send students to the office for morning announcements no later than 7:50am. If you missed the 7:50am time, please send students at 9am to the office for announcements.

Personalize Professional Learning and Development (P2LD)

This year, you will be required to attend professional development during the summer. In the case that you don't complete your P2LD for any reason, you will need to report to work two days earlier (August 10 and 11) in order for you to attend the missed training. These two days of training will not be at our campus. It will be conducted by central staff. Please note that in the case that you do not attend the summer trainings, AND you do not attend August 10 and 11, your first paycheck for the school year will be deducted two work days. In previous years, you would have worked the first two days during Thanksgiving week to make up the trainings, but this option is not available at this time.

Here is the breakdown of hours according to your Summative scores
0-54 Summative score - New, Unsat, Progressing I
  • 10.5 hours of required training (3.5 in Domain 1, 3.5 in Domain 2, and 3.5 in Domain 3)
  • PLUS
  • 3.5 hours of personal choice
55-74 Summative score - Progressing II, Proficient I
  • 7 hours of required training (3.5 in Domain 1, and 3.5 in Domain 2)
  • PLUS
  • 7 hours of personal choice
75-100 Summative score - Proficient II, III, Exemplary, Master -
  • 3.5 hours of required training (3.5 Content training required in Academic Rigor Through the Lens of the TEKS),
  • PLUS
  • 10.5 hours of personal choice

Please note that if your Summative score for Proficient II, III, Exemplary, and/or Master, you have the opportunity to present with district staff or at summer conferences. These presenting opportunities will count towards your required PD.

More information to come regarding your P2LD requirements.

Summer Programs at Russell

We will be having three summer programs at Russell.

1 - SSI - for 5th grade students who did not pass Reading and/or Math STAAR
2 - Summer Readiness - for 2nd-5th grade students who did not meet grade requirements to be promoted to the next grade level
3 - STEM Camp - for all students who want to be part of the camp

Climate survey committees

As you know, we have climate survey committees who are overseeing the next steps to improve the climate survey results. This week, they will be sharing with you the results of our in-house climate survey and their next steps.

Field Day - May 27

Finally, we have a date for our Field Day! It will take place on May 27, during the school day. Once we receive the schedule, it will be provided to you.

Field Day t-shirts will be sold, this year, for $7.

United Negro College Fund

The fundraising period for the United Negro College Fund is February 8 to May 31. You are welcomed to give a one-time donation or choose a monthly payroll deduction on Oracle, under Employee Self Service.

STEM Inventors Camp

June 6 to 10, 9am to 3:30pm, we will have our STEM Inventors Camp. Last year, we had Camp Invention. I was informed, this year, Camp will be a little bit different.

The coordinator is Ms. Landaverde. Please refer any questions to her. She will also be the person who will be hiring teachers for these positions. If you are interested, please let her know.