Virtual Resume

By Gunreet Gill

Academic Smart Goal

S- My academic smart goal is to graduate high school with at least a 85% average.

M- To achieve my goal I need to keep a record of my marks in my classes. I will get an agenda and write down what's for homework, any quizzes or test coming up, and important dates. This can help me reach my goal because it will help me be on top of work.

A- I will study my notes on all subjects at least 30 minutes each day after my homework is finished.

R- I believe I can achieve this goal because right now my averages is at 80% and I will increase it by 8%, every semester I will try to get my average to 85%. This semester I just need to get at least 75% or higher on my unit 3 history test, and history exam to get my average to 85%.

T- I will achieve this goal by June 2018. I have 2 more years to complete my goal.

Volunteering Smart Goal

S- My volunteering smart goal is to graduate high school with 60 hours completed.

M- I can measure this by at the end of every school year I am going to check on my blueprint to see how many hours I have completed.

A- I can achieve this goal by volunteering at Ellen Mitchell Recreational center, I have complete my swimming courses and I am old enough to volunteer, I've already applied and now I am waiting for a respond back. I have chosen to volunteer during August.

R- I believe I can achieve this goal because right now I have completed 20 hours of volunteering and I can do 20 more hours by the end of this summer and 20 more at the end of the next summer.

T-I will achieve this goal by September 2017 before I start my last year in high school.

School Course Plan

Transitions and Changes

Challenges and Solutions

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Every job is stressful, but for a mechanical engineer stress is always there because of meeting deadlines for your buyer and thinking of new or evolutionary ideas. Mechanical engineers work hard and they usually start at 8 am to 6 pm, during that time mechanical engineers are working for their boss trying to meet the expectations. This stress can be problematic, since you need to get everything finished by its due date so it can be presented to a company or your buyer. But there are tons of solutions to these problems, one solution for this problem is to go seek a therapist’s help. If you go visit a therapist, there will be an expert to talk to you about your stress when working and any other issues occurring in your life. Also, when working use only necessary breaks. When on your break it is important that you relax and clear your mind. Finally, to deal with the stress is you have to eat healthy, if you eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, protein and etc. It will give your body energy to work efficiently so you can finish your work by the deadline.

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In Conclusion, when working as a mechanical engineer there will be many difficult challenges to face but there is always a solution to any challenge.