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At Malone Middle School

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On this page, we're going to be focused on the Candies and Confections department in our business.

Many businesses have different types of mini jobs in it. Our School, Malone Middle School, has an astronomical amount of love for the maple syrup project we always do during the end of the winter season. This time is always the best time of year to start tapping those trees and collecting sap! One group in our business, named Candies And Confections is focused on , of course, making candies and other types of sweets! If you would like to try some of MMS students home made candies, then come over, and bring your money! Our maple candy is a must have this spring season!

First Sale

Tuesday, March 29th, 1-2:30pm

15 Francis Street

Malone, NY

At Malone Middle School in the gymnasium.Thanks to our Media and Marketing group for providing us with the little posters! Be sure to come ready with space in your cars because who wouldn't want to buy ALL of our products?! Just don't be a maple hog guys!

Second Sale

Tuesday, March 29th, 6-7pm

15 Francis Street

Malone, NY

Prices? HERE YA GO...

For one 8oz. bottle of maple syrup it is $9.00, $8.00 with a coupon.

Prices for other products are not yet known.
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Facts and Short story...

Maple season is about 4-6 weeks long.

Maple syrup is a concentrated solution- sugar, water and minor flavor compounds.
Tree gives average 10 gallons a season = 1 quart of syrup.
Can support immune system and help lower blood pressure.
Tree genetics can affect the sap collected.
Sap MAY taste different depending on processing techniques.

Story Of Maple Discovery

A native chief returning to his village after a hunting trip threw his tomahawk into a sugar maple tree trunk. Thinking the crystal clear sap was water, the Chief’s wife poured it inside some meat she was cooking. As the water boiled away, a sticky sweet glaze formed on the meat, adding a wonderfully sweet maple flavor to the meat. They made their maple sugar in large iron kettles suspended over a fire by wooden poles or tripods.

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Reviews and Interviews Intro.

Our Candies and Confections manager, Ms. Moore, allowed us to sit in her room while she watched videos and discussed things with the employees. She was an overall good informative source. She even covered basic safety and hygiene rules. Some of the students we interviewed like Nathan Mulverhill and Damien Roberts told us that they had some past experience. Which was good, because we wouldn't want someone who doesn't know what they are doing , working with heat and stuff of that matter. Some of the candies being made had a necessary temperature of up to 350 f ( 177 c ).


My partner interviewed multiple people from the Candy and Confections group. One boy from the group, named Nathan, was a very big help and allowed us to ask him an abundance of questions. We asked him if he had any concerns and he said he would like if more people were involved. He also said a really good quote , if you keep reading , you'll find out! One little problem is that he noticed they tend to get bored easily. But in all honestly, their work process DOES take patience!
"Candy isn't just about the sweets, its an art!"

-Nathan Mulverhill


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