The Piranha

Tiana & Zoe

What is a Piranha and where can it be found?

The Piranha is a small, but deadly fish that can generally be found in South America, which means they can be found in the Amazon Rainforest. They are also found in Venezuela, in the streams and rivers.

The habitat and food of the Piranha

The piranha is a fresh water animal and likes to stay in cold water. They like to stay in schools, but they can also survive on their own. They are mammals that like to eat meat. Mostly smaller fish but if there is a school of

The Piranhas teeth are so sharp!

Some facts on the Piranha

· Did you know, there are many species of Piranha known all around the world? One of them is the Red Bellied Piranha; it is the fiercest Piranha known!

· The Piranha can easily camouflage, because it has red patches on its belly. So that helps it hide in the muddy waters.

· Their jaw bone is so strong that it could break a human hand in 5-10 seconds!

· Dolphins and crocodiles are enemies of the piranha.

· Like sharks piranhas can detect blood in water.

· Piranhas are so dangerous, they could probably eat Tiana it ten seconds! (because she is so small)