An electrostatic spray painter creates a high voltage of electricity. The paint particles travel at a slow speed through this corona of electricity, they become negatively charged which stick to the positively charged surface.


The electrostatic spray painter sprays a small electrode of paint, which creates high voltage electricity. As the paint travels thought the rotating disk at slow speed they become negatively charged. As the electrostatic spray painter propels a cloud of paint to the surface the paint particles spread out, covering everything that is positively charged fairy and evenly.

Electrostatic Painting

For the video above only watch from 56 sec to 3 min mark :)

How does it charge the paint?

There are several different ways that the paint can become charged.

1.It can become a negative electric charge when the paint is still in the container.

2. Compressed gas forces the paint through the gun, where it rubs against the sides and gains a charge.

3. The paint is forced through an electric field, which charges it.

Whatever route it takes it will become a negatively charged.

What is electrostatic spray painters HELPFUL TO THE environment and manufactures?

Manufactures uses the Electrostatic spray paint because of economic and environmental reasons, they want to spray as much as they can but with no waste.

The manufactures mostly use them on cars because they are a larger surface area to cover, as the paint comes out of the gun it spreads out covering more area. This is because the paint is negatvie charged they repel each other as they leave the gun, this makes a bigger cloud of paint which covers more area. The charged paint sticks onto the metal because it is positively charged,the attraction between them are so strong that it doesn't allow the paint to drip off. Using this helps the manufactures out economically because they don't have to waste paint.

Another reason why manufactures may use this electrostatic spray painter is because it saves up to 25-50% less paint which is good fro the environment. There is very little overspray because the overspray paint attracts the metal because of its attraction between the 2 different charges bring each other very close forcing them to stick together. This is why it is helpful to the environment because it doesn't waste any paint.

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