Marie Lu

Book Conflict

In this thrill seeking sequel, Day have escaped the Republics grasp and fled into the Colonies. But Day is injured and June's almost out of time. They catch a deal with the Patriots, heal Day and kill the new Elector, who may not be anything like the last; his father.


Day would do anything for a friend. He see's the good and bad in people, but he always gives people a chance. Through the first book Day is ignorant, and young. You can see that through this series Day evolves to a young man. Through out his challenges he says strong by June's side.Day and June are also lovers


June has a eye for everything, she can see things other people can't. June in this book leaves the republic to fight along Days side for the good of the people. She is strong hearted, and will not stop fighting for what she believes in.

Short passage

"Behind me I feel Day's touch against my bare skin, it sends chills down my back. I don't understand how he makes me feel this way. He crosses me and pulls me closer now. Day presses his lips to mine and I want this feeling to last forever, but the train starts to slow, were coming to our stop." (26)


This book (Prodigy) is a high suspense, thrill seeker that will rock your world till the end. If you read, or you don't this book will get you hooked on the first "uses" like meth

4.75 Stars!

This book is AMAZING! Personally this book rocked my world. If you read this book I guarantee you'll have trouble putting it down! This book had so much suspense, i couldn't put it down not even for dinner.


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