Anne Frank

Persecution , Jews and Nazism

Who is Anne Frank ?

Born on June 1929 in Frankfurt , Germany . Anne Frank is a Jewish young girl who was a victim In Germany because she was a Jew , she lived with her parents Otto and Edith Frank and her older sister Margot , they moved with the father Otto to Amsterdam where he started a new company and established an apartment for the family . On June 12 1942 , Anne was gifted an autograph book for her birthday where she used it as a diary as she has always wanted to be a writer .

Exeriences that Anne frank and her family experienced .

The frank family experienced many difficulties living in Germany mainly due to the fact that they where Jews . They where in Germany where Adolf Hitler was trying many systems to get rid of the Jews , The Frank Family where to afraid of what was going to happen to them therefore they went into a hiding place which was called " secret annex " . The rank family also had another family with them which was the Van Pel family . The secret annex was in a house behind a building , they refurnished it and made it suitable for them to stay in . Anne kept on noting everything that happened with her during her time at the secret annex , After they where there for a period of time they where then caught in the hiding place by the Nazis policeman where they where taken to concentration camp . Men and women where separated , later on Anne and Margot see their father for a last time then are sent to another camp , Bergen-Belsen , where here they die in march 1945 . Otto frank was the only person who survived from the eight who here in the secret annex .

What was in Anne Franks Diary ?

After Anne Frank received a diary on her Birthday she wrote about every little aspect that happened in her life was noted into that diary . Anne wrote about her life experiences as a Jew , she wrote about her love life , her dreams and what she hopes she can achieve in life . Even when the Frank family where in the secret annex Anne kept on writing about her life and the condition she was in . Anne eve wrote abut her love Peter who was the son of the Van pels the other family who where in the secret annex with the Frank family .
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What happened to Anne's Diary ?

After World War 2 has ended Otto Frank was the only Person Who survived from the people that where in the hiding place. When he has left the camp that the eight people who where in the hiding place where sent to he then was approached by Miep Gies , who was one of the helpers who looked after the people in the hiding place had given Otto , Anne's diary . Otto then read Anne's Diary and worked hard to make Anne's dream come true of which she dreamed of becoming a writer . Otto then kept on working on achieving Anne's dream until he has become weaker where he quoted a year before his death " I am nearly 90 and getting weaker . But the task that Anne gave me . continues to give me strength to fight for reconciliation and for human rights all over the world .
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