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Strategies for Selecting a Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Biometric Technology enables identification of person depending on intrinsic physical characteristics. There are many parts of the body which can be widely used for biometric identification such as fingerprint, face, iris, and palm. Fingerprint will be the the one that most in-demand for identification system. Besides showing unique pattern for each person, fingerprint also possess other attributes that make it popular biometric object for example easy to capture, consistent throughout human lifespan and invite quick verification.
Today, fingerprint machine has become popular as standard office equipments. Its usage encompasses selection of purposes. It really is useful for manipulating the physical security access, authenticating privilege for particular business process, plus recording time attendance. This post mainly discusses the past issue, which would be to allow you to choose fingerprint machine like a time attendance recorder. Here are several features that you must consider when choosing fingerprint machine:
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Type of Sensor: sensor is a vital portion of fingerprint machine. It captures the image of fingerprint prior to being converted into unique identification number. There are 2 most frequent types of sensors: optical sensor and silicon sensor.
Optical Sensor could be the oldest form of sensor. It can be easier to implement and relatively more stable in diverse room temperature. However its performance will be highly influenced by the clarity from the optical surface. For that reason, when selecting fingerprint machine with optical sensor, you should look at the coated optical sensor. The coat prevents the sensor from being touched directly and maintains the clarity of optical surface.
Silicon Sensor is newer technology, it constructs fingerprint image by mapping pressure or capacitance differences involving the skin along with the silicon chip. This technology offers many perks like making a better fingerprint image, occupying smaller space, and requiring smaller to budget implement. However, unprotected silicon sensor are not durable for frequent usage. Consequently, Silicon Sensor is just not frequently used for public usage including time attendance machine that'll be accessed numerous times everyday.
Capacity of Fingerprint Template: capacity of fingerprint template is most of fingerprint image that can be stored inside Fingerprint Machine. It is advisable to pick a fingerprint machine containing fingerprint template at least 2 times the maximum amount of employee. Insurance firms variety of fingerprint template twice the volume of employee, each employee can register a backup finger if the machine carries a problem for identification.
Capacity of Log Buffer: capacity of log buffer may be the maximum number of log transactions which can be stored temporarily within the Fingerprint Machine. Time attendance transaction log is normally stored stay prior to being downloaded into database sever. Therefore, the proportions of log buffer has to be several times (usually over more) bigger than quantity of employee.
Identification Speed: identification speed is the average time essental to fingerprint machine to recognize somebody determined by their fingerprint pattern. The procedure comprises scanning the fingerprint, searching, and comparing the fingerprint pattern against its very own fingerprint database. A good fingerprint machine can identify somebody inside of 1-second.
Standard Error: Fingerprint machine cannot work perfectly on a regular basis. It may well wrongly identify the fingerprint pattern. There are two varieties of identification error: FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate). False Acceptance Rate is the share of machine to allow access the impostors. Meanwhile, False Rejection Rate is the proportion of machine to reject access by authorized user. Fingerprint Machine needs to have to a minimum FRR and much. An ordinary quality reference for FRR is below 0.1% and for FAR is below 0.001%.
Reporting Software: reporting software aggregates the transaction logs and reports in readable format. This software helps as well the property owner to investigate productivity of each and every employee. While not all fingerprint machines have built-in reporting software, it is vital component of time attendance system. It will provide you with the give you the dog owner. The quality of fingerprint machine is determined by its capacity to deliver reports that satisfy the business requirements.
There are numerous models, features, and capabilities of fingerprint machine available in the market nowadays. One of the most advance and versatile fingerprint machine very can be not the best option for particular company's environment. The very best strategy is one which fits the business and technical requirements. It means your machine must have appropriate technical specification which fits the physical environment and quantity of users. It requires to also deliver valuable information for managing the recruiting productivity.
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