Hay's Happenings

November 4-8


What a great Fall Party! Thanks for making it such a memorable time for our students. The students first played a game where they ate doughnuts like a ghost. While a powdered doughnut hung from a string, the students tried eating it without any hands.

Sweet Mahathi was our classroom champion in the Eat Like a Ghost game. She even beat out Mr. Symank!
Then we made a clean sweep through our classroom with a relay race. Two teams competed to sweep a pumpkin through the classroom. Fun times!!

After our exciting games, we indulged in some yummy snacks!

Look What We are Learning!

  • Plus 1

Math Skill

  • Picture Graph
  • Bar Graphs
  • Reading Themometers that skip count by 2's

Social Studies

  • Local, State, and Federal Government


  • focusing on character traits
  • gain a better understanding of the story by looking closely at what the characters say and do
  • synonyms-words that have the same meaning; ex. happy/glad, tart/sour


  • joining sentences with the word "and"

Word Work

  • Rule-to add the endings -ed or -ing to a base word that ends with silent e...you must drop the silent -e before adding the ending; ex. hope/hoping, fade/fading

Our Week

  • Homework and Monday folders come home
  • Jr. Great Books-Pink Group


  • IDEAS with Mrs Brown
  • Jr. Great Books-Yellow Group


  • Library Class
  • Jr. Great Books-Green Group


  • IDEAS with Mrs. Brown
  • Jr. Great Books-Blue Group


  • Last Day of the 2nd Six Weeks
  • Healthy Heart Jogging Day
  • Fluency Quiz on Adding 1 to a number
  • Spirit Day-Wear a star (not dress like a star, but wear one)
  • Math Test-Telling Time and Graphs
  • 7:30-Any student who did not score and 80% or higher on a Fluency Quiz can come in to retest