Increasing Children's Education

Fact Sheet

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Our mission is to give the kids a chance to get a good education and learn about God."Almost 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each year (Jessica Sheperd)." The children in Somalia are less likely to get a good education or any education at all then any other country around the world (Jessica Shepard). This country is ranked as the poorest country of the world. The children here that do go to school don't get a good education because there is no supplies and the teachers are untrained (Ayre L. Hillman and Eva Jenker). Also some parents in poor countries have a low income, so its hard to pay for schooling (Ayre L. Hillman and Eva Jenker).

In the poor countries, all over the world, girls are far less likely go to a community school (Jessica Sheperd). Even the girls that do go to school drop out before they are even close to finishing (Herz and sperling). Of those girls that did go to school for at least 4 years still couldn't read or write (Rt Hon Justine Greening Mp). If children don't get a good education now, how are they suppose to get a good job and support their family in the future (Rt Hon Justine Greening Mp).

"High quality can change this, helping to transform countries for the benefit of us all (Rt Hon Justine Greening Mp). "The problem in many developing countries is that governments lack either financial resources or the political will to meet their citizens educational needs (Ayre L. Hillman and Eva Jenker)." "In an ideal world, primary education would be universal and publicly financed, and all children would be able to attend school regardless of their parents ability or willingness to pay (Ayre L. Hillman and Eva Jenker)."


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