Semester 1 - 2018

Rock Around The Jukebox Homecoming

This year, we paid tribute to the iconic decade of the 1950s for our homecoming titled Rock Around the Jukebox. Our annual fun-filled spirit and activity week provided great ways to get involved. As always, this includes float building, our high energy rally, the halftime show, and the much anticipated homecoming dance.

Float Building

Throughout the week of homecoming, all four classes face off in a float building competition. Each class is assigned a float theme based on the halftime show. Points are given based on class participation, work area cleanliness, safety equipment availability, and the scores given by judges.This year, our halftime show was centered around the original High School Musical: Grease. The Freshmen were given 'Summer Lovin', the Sophomores were assigned 'Grease Lightning', the Juniors got 'Born to Hand Jive', and the Seniors had 'We'll Always Be Together'.
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Homecoming Rally

This year's rally centered around the hottest spot in town: Wally's Diner! Our emcees served as the waitstaff, and got some of our students involved in a milkshake drinking contest and taught the whole audience the hand jive. The rally also featured some peachy keen performances from Sol Singers and Drumline, as well as the conclusion to our week long community service project. Students could donate their loose change to jugs, each representing one of four teachers. The teacher whose jug had the most money at the start of the rally would get a milkshake dumped on their head.

Alternative Halftime Show

After weather conditions led to the cancellation of our halftime show, we presented our floats, court, and performances at SSH a few days later. Sunny skies and excited students ensured that our makeshift halftime was a success, and we announced our senior class as our float building winner! Below are all of the amazing finished floats, presented at the show!
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Homecoming Dance

This year's dance sold over 1300 tickets and featured arcade games, a live band, an LED dance floor, and an ice cream truck. We also had a vintage themed diner set complete with props for photo ops, as well as the classic movie Hairspray playing in the ASB room. We always want to make sure that our dances have something for everyone to do, and this year's Homecoming definitely accomplished that goal.
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Unity Week 2018: Same Different As Me

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This year's Unity Week theme was 'Same Different As Me'. Our Culture Commissioners highlighted to our entire student body that the one thing we have in common is our differences. As always, our sophomores grew closer as class thanks to keynote speaker Keith Hawkins and the self reflective activities led by our upperclassmen facilitators.

Inklings Magazine Fundraiser

Inklings is a well known club on our campus that showcases the literary and artistic talents of the student body in an annual magazine. Below are some of their members at a fundraiser. From left to right: Sauhaarda Chowdhuri, Cole Hoffman, Anushree Chaudhuri, Leah Joven.
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And Then There Were None

Westview Theatre Company's fall play this year was a thrilling murder mystery entitled "And Then There Were None." Based on the novel by Agatha Christie, the plot kept the audience guessing until the very end.


Robotics Color Teams diligently working to debug code and adjust their mechanisms before the mock competition on December 15th. For five weeks these Color Teams, each with around 16-18 students, have been working hard to complete their robots to accomplish the task of dropping whiffles into binary bins to create launch codes and to move crate payloads to a zone on the field.
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Bikes for Kids

Bikes for Kids is an extremely active club on campus that works with an organization who builds bikes for disadvantaged children. At a recent bike-building event, Westview built 20 out of the 75 bikes constructed through the organization.
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Choir's Cabaret

Choir's fall show this year was entitled "Cabaret" and centered around a carnival theme. The show opened and closed with large group numbers that book ended several solo and duet performances.
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Westview's Got Talent

Earlier this year, Westview held its annual talent show. We hosted it on the amphitheater lawn and provided a snack bar as well as free blankets. WVGT always allows us to showcase to our community the variety of skills that our student body possesses. This year's acts displayed a large range of talents, including parkour and K Pop dance.
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Fall Club Rush

The number of clubs on campus have grown enormously in recent years, requiring a two day club rush to show our student body just how many opportunities there are to get involved. Our Fall Club Rush comes just at the end of the new application approval process, meaning it's the first time many clubs are actively searching for members. Each year, clubs come up with more and more creative ways to attract potential members, from candy to the chance to pie members of the executive team in the face.

Annual Dodgeball Tournament

Every year, Westview holds a two week dodgeball tournament where both students and staff compete in gold and silver brackets. It serves as a huge fundraiser for our sophomore class presidents' Winter Formal.
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This year's winning dodgeball team was the Mono Monsters!

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Westview Band and Colorguard's Deco

Westview Gold's Deco encompassed musical selections from the 1920s, including "An American in Paris" and "Rhapsody in Blue". Deco was their entrance into the Westview Tournament in which schools from throughout San Diego County perform their own 8 minute shows in front of a panel of judges. Westview moved on and later received 3rd place at the SCSBOA 5A Marching Band Championships.
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Semester One was full of both fall and winter sports. Our Girls Tennis Team won CIF division 1, and our Girls Volleyball Team was runner-up for CIF division 1. One of our girls cross country runners qualified for the CIF state meet and finished in 23rd place. All of our Westview athletes work incredibly hard, and we are grateful that they represent our school.
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Battle of the Fans

One of our largest groups on campus is our student spirit section, the Black Hole. For more information, watch the video below!