The mind writing pen is the world's first self writing pen. An impossible idea finally made possible. It is a solution to hand cramps from too much writing. The pen comes with a headset so it can connect to the pen through bluetooth. The headset reads what your mind is thinking and the pen writes it down for you. It has removable cartridges so you can refill the ink when it runs out. And it also acts like a normal pen. It charges through a USB cable and so does the headset. It has many other features like a built in microphone, camera, and it has a mode to see what writing style you want it to be. It has a has a 16GB memory so it can save your documents or important papers. You won't have to think or write it again but instead in one push of button it writes it again. When you make a mistake just it to delete it and it will do it by itself. Inside the pen it has a special type of ink which erases the mistake. You can refill the special type of ink as well.


Have you ever got tired of writing and writing when taking notes? Well now you don’t have to stress because with the “Mind Writer Pen” you can think, listen, and even look at the writing and your mind will write it for you. The Mind Writer Pen simply reads your thoughts with a bluetooth headset and writes them down on paper. Now you don’t have to worry about having to write pages and pages when writing an essay.

Call 1800-Mind-Writer or simply visit our website at www.mindwriter.com and for the first 25 people that order a Mind Writer get to try it for free before it actually comes out!


Including features such as:

  1. A camera saver

  2. Speaker and microphone that lets you talk and listen to what you have written down

  3. There’s a button that lets you print out your documents

  4. A USB connector so it lets you see all your writing at anyplace and anytime

  5. It also gives you an option to change the font , color, and size of the letter

  6. 16 GB

  7. A headset that comes in a variety of colors


For our product we will be crowdfunding from Kickstarter to receive $50,000 from donations. The Self Writer Pen will help write for you instead of writing yourself. . A way we will fundraise this product is by micro financing. Micro financing is a when a business receives a small loan of $10,000 from banks to complete their product or project. This is one way to fundraise for your business or project. Another way we will fundraise this product is by through loans. We will set up a fundraiser on kickstarter. The money we receive from you guys, the banks and through micro financing will all go to the creation of the Self Writer Pen.