You Can Only Be Better

A 2-day inspirational & life-skills program for youths


Exams suck, school's tough, and life can be a bummer. Believe us, we've been there. We know you're tired of parents nagging, teachers pushing and the never-ending mugging.

We hear your voices.

And despite your age or background, we believe you deserve to know what it takes to beat the odds, silence the naysayers and maximize your potential for success.

So take some time off and come join us for 2 days of action-packed games, mind-blowing activities and enlightening stories as we share our secrets in how to be a young inspiration in the community.

No matter who you are and where you're from or what you stand for,

we believe you can only be better.

You will discover...

  • The formula to maximizing your potential for excellence as a youth
  • Inspirational life lessons to rekindle your drive to live your passion
  • How to navigate your way through the highs and lows of adolescence
  • Invaluable tips to accomplishing your highest goals
  • The fundamentals of success which they never teach you in school
  • How to find the inspiration to carry on in the face of any difficulty

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The Green Apple Project

You Can Be Better 2-Day Program

Monday, June 17th, 8am to Tuesday, June 18th, 6pm

To be advised


Full 2-day program valued at S$1777,

now offering a special INTRODUCTORY PRICE at S$477 ONLY

PLUS half-a-day workshop for parents only.

Package includes FREE Aura Cleansing Minty Bar worth S$35!

Send us an email to or call Syed at 92384937 for more information on registration and payment.


Our Journey Thus Far...

about us

What is The Green Apple Project?

The Green Apple Project is a youth life-skills and self-awareness program series, focusing on the three key elements of self-fulfilment, inspiration and transition.

The Green Apple is more than just a metaphor but an encompassing symbol of the true potential and brilliance of every youth. We believe in not only producing academically successful youths but youths with the resilience and optimism to see challenges as opportunities.

Every youth deserves the right and opportunity to discover the concept of self-fulfillment and true success, even at their tender age. And we want to be the catalysts to nurture and guide them in that direction.

Trainer's Bio: Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar

Over 16 years of experience as a director in the corporate world, Syed Muhammad Abu Bakar is exceptionally effective in dealing with people from all walks of life. His talent for engaging others soon cultivated in him a burning passion to speak as a mentor and a coach.

After triumphs over many grueling challenges in his life, he feels strongly compelled to share the lessons he learnt facing the ups and downs of his life with others with the intention to add value to their lives. He has contributed much to organizations and institutes everywhere and they loved his vivacious and humorous delivery of topics at hand.

His hope is to educate others on how to navigate through the meanders of life effectively with minimal stress and a value-oriented approach to problem solving. As a father of three sons, Syed is a dedicated family man who thrives on the love and passion he shares with his wife and kids.

Trainer's Bio: Saiful Reduwan

Saiful Reduwan is a dedicated youth trainer who believes that young people can do amazing things in the world with self-belief and guidance of genuine mentors. Once a troubled youth himself, Saiful is tapping on his own experiences to make a difference.

After 3 years in service industry, Saiful decided to switch his career and join Ministry of Education as an Allied Educator. He attained a Specialist Diploma in Teaching & Learning from NIE and is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Psychology with University of Singapore Institute of Management.

Saiful had always see himself as a catalyst for the youths to maximize their potential and it has always been his passion to make an impact to the lives of his students through teaching and coaching.


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