Chapter Naming Project

The Fog Before the Storm (pg3-22)

The jews and Elie really had no ideas what was to become of them, they couldn't see the path in front of them, and if they chose to stray away from the oath they were on, they didn't know what would happen either.

"German Soilders...our first impression of the Germans were rather reassuring." Elie pg9

The thought the soldiers were nice, but never assumed that they would turn out to be so cruel.

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The Boxcar to Hell (23-28)

A play on words, we meant to refer to the song "highway to hell". They were in a cramed boxcar on their way to death and suffering. All they wanted was to get out of the stinky, packed car, but when they ended their journey, what horrors would await them?

"Lying down was not an option, nor could we all sit down...There was little air...After two days of travel, thirst became intolerable, as did the heat" Elie pg 23

This is just a brief statement showing the agony prisoners went through on the transportation to the camps.

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The Beginning of the End (29-46)

"You should've hanged yourselves rather than come here. Didn't you know what was in store for you here in Auschwitz?" Elie pg 30

They had just made their arrival at the camp, oblivious to the tortures to come. This was the beginning of their lifetime of suffering

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Fish out of water (47-65)

They are in a new world, they have to adjust to their surroundings and learn their way around the camps. Learn the cultural aspect of the camps, and the norms. They are very naive and confused at first, resulting in punishments and beatings.

"We began looking for people we knew, asking the 'veterans' which work Kommandos were the best and which block one we should try to enter." Elie, pg 47

They were confused and wary, they had to seek advice from people who had been here for long. In the confusion, they desperately searched for a familiar face.

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At war within oneself (66-84)

During this chapter, Elie states his conflicting ideas in his mind. He had been a devoted Jew for all his life, but after all this torture, when the eve of Rosh Hashanah arrived Elie didn't want to praise God. He was furious for having his almighty God put his people through immense suffering, he had feelings of rebellion, but deep down he knew he still had a religious love. His thoughts were conflicting what he knows to be true.

"Blessed be God's name? Why, but why would I bless Him? Every fiber in me rebelled. Because He caused thousands of children to burn in His mass graves?" Elie, pg 67

After all the suffering Elie has witnessed, why should he worship? He had done nothing good.

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The march of a thousand miles (85-97)

This chapter is when Elie and thousands of other prisoners took the horrific death marches. Running for days in the harsh winter weather. The journey for most would not end with them seeing the entrance of the camp. Thousands were shot on sight or died during the journey. And for those who had died, who was to know if they were better off, and safe from the horrors that may very we'll await them at the camp.

""Don't think, don't stop, run!" Near me, men were collapsing into the dirty snow. Gunshots." Elie 86

People were killed mercilessly and no one even stopped to mourn. For the prisoners, there was no longer the sharp pain of death of a dearly beloved.

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The fall (98-103)

In this section, Elie and most everyone else, is nearly dead.

"I tried to distinguish between the living and those who were no more. But there was barley a difference." Elie 98

Elie seems to be at a point were he almost accepts death. He's almost gone, and so is everyone else. Maybe it is best for him to let go."

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If you love something, set it free (104-112)

"I woke up at dawn on January 29. On my fathers cot there lay another sick person." Elie 112

Elie's father dies, but he had been gone for a while. He had been going through absolute hell and torture through his life in camp. The sweet escape of relief and going to the afterlife was what Elie's father needed. He was in pain, in a constant battle. He would no longer have to fear for life. He was no more.

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Broken Chains (113-115)

"This was the end!" Elie 114

The camp is finally closed, Elie is free. His chains have been broken, and he is free to continue his life, to live as if this had been nothing but a nightmare.

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