How to Escape from Slavery

The thorough guide for the inexperienced slave

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How Do I Begin My Escape?

The first thing you need to do in order to find your way out of the Peculiar Institution is to find your way north. There are three ways to do so and the most popular way is using the north star. At night, look for the big and little copper. Once you find it, follow the brightest star to the north. The second way is by using moss. Since moss only grows on the north side of trees to stay moist, use the moss to find which direction your going during the day or when you can't see the stars. The final way is by looking at birds. Birds migrate to the north for the summer and south for the winter. However, you can only use this method two times a year.

Follow the Drinking Gourd

How Do I Keep From Getting Caught?

Once you leave the Black belt, you are not completely safe from being caught, brought back, and flogged. The moment you leave the planation, there will be overseers and their dogs searching for you and other darkies day and night. In order to keep from getting captured, you should follow two simple steps. First, you should follow and occasionally cross rivers, streams, and other forms of water to hinder dog from picking up your scent. The second way is by sleeping during the day and running during the night because you are less likely to be seen.

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Where Should I Go and How Should I Get There?

Your main focus while escaping should be going somewhere where you can truly be free. This means that you should keep your sight on one place: Canada. The route that you should take should either be going through Nashville and Chicago into the great lakes if you're in the middle of the south or along the coast if you're in the east. If you plan on escaping from a eastern state, you should travel up through Richmond, into Boston and either head due west into boarder through Buffalo or head directly into Montreal. But this is no easy task which means you will need help. The Underground Railroad is meant for people like you. There are people known as Stationmatsers, normally white abolitionists, who are willing to help you. They will give you a place to stay and hide during the day and will sometimes even transport you to another station using small hiding places to escape slave owners.

The Fight for Freedom