Ambrose's Dream Vacation

Miami Facts

My dream vacation is in Miami, Florida.

Miami is located in the South-Eastern part of the U.S.A.

I want to visit Miami because it is very beautiful (as well as the girls there) , especially during the night.

My destination is so great because it has a beach and everything.


.15+ miles of beach

.founded on July 28, 1896

.more than 800 park

.average houshold income: 31,531

.man-made plantation

.60+ languages

.home to one of largest skiing clubs in U.S.A

.daily average tempuratiure: 76 degrees farenhight

.12 foot elevation

.subtropical with year round sunshine


It will take me 3 hours to get there.

Miami is 1,198.3 miles away.

I will be going alone ); #loner4life

I will get there by plane.

I will stay for an estimated week.


I will stay at a hotel.

It is a very nice hotel it is about $200.00 a night

I will need to pack plenty of clothes.


Lodging will cost about $2,000.00

I will Save about $500.00 for spending money.

Food will cost somewhere from 400 to 500 for the whole week.

I will rent a car for $10.00 an hour, to get around town.

It will cost $1,345.99 for a first-class flight to Miami.

Gas will cost about $2.00 a gallon.


I will go hangliding, flyboarding, and skydiving.

There are many things to do in Miami, considering it is a beach.

Miami has a beach so there is many things to do.