A Christmas Carol Background

Chris Erickson

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a very famous other in the Victorian Era. Dickens wrote 14 books. Most of his books were about either his child hood or his adult life. Charles Dickens also wrote about his love life. When dickens was a child he had to go work at his uncle's business making 6 shillings a day. He had to go there because his family was in a huge debt and had to work it off while they were in jail. After they had enough money his mom made him go work at a law office to help support the family.
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Child Labor and Poverty

In the Victorian Era children had to wok to help support there families. So when your dad gets sent to debt jail he gets the choice to have the family come with him and send a kid to go work it off. The child had some gruesome work conditions. They had to work in small cramped areas. Also the kids got paid every little. Poverty affected many families in the Victorian Era. It left 30,000 families homeless and hungry.
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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a great time in the Victorian age. The revolution made work way easier with all the machines invented. Like the steam engine, spinning jenny, new transportation, and better communication. With all of this improvements a lot more jobs were made. With more people working brought more diseases to spread. For example cholera, typhoid, small pox, scarlet fever, measles, and mumps were the common ones.