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Featured Product of the Month - EXTENDED TEE

Extended tee's have been taking the world of street fashion by STORM in the past month. With a variety of colours and styles, celebrities such as: Justin Bieber and Kanye West have been seen adding their unique twist to their extended tee's. The style consists of the t-shirts extended down below knee level. Try an extended tee with a pair of skinny jeans to attract attention in the streets.

Celebrity Appreciation

A$AP Rocky has had quite the month in the world of street fashion. The American hip-hop recording artist teamed up with Guess Clothing to release a denim collection channeling 90s youth and graphic tees. The emcee expressed his love for street fashion and seems to be setting trends left, right and centre!


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Since the late 90s, Jordan's have been an iconic staple in street fashion and have no intent of slowing down. With 100s of models to date, the release of the Retro Air Jordan 12s dropping March 26th has made Jordan's our hot topic of the month.


Baggy clothing is a huge no no.......

With fashion being such a big part in the way you are perceived by others, leave the extra large clothing in the garbage. Slimmer gives you a more sophisticated look and overall, makes your look 10 times better than clothes that are to big for you. Leave baggy clothing in the 90s please.

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In this article, I will be going over THREE tips that will be sure to impress individuals around you and give you better insights in the world of street fashion.

Tip #1 - Add colour to your look!

Many people make the mistake of incorporating vague colors to their street look. Be sure to add vibrant colors that really make your outfit pop with life! This will turn heads in the streets and give your look a whole new dimension.

Tip #2 - Accessories,Accessories Accessories!

I can't stress enough how important it is to implement accessories into your look. From hats to watches to bracelets, each piece will spice up your outfit and give you added swag. Something as small as a watch can add a whole new flare to your outfit, try some accessories out and see the impact it will make!

Tip #3 - Don't be afraid to try something new!

Nowadays, people make the mistake of keeping the same style and not switching it up. Trying new styles and clothing can boost your confidence and help you find and create a self-image you can be proud of. What're you waiting for? Get out there and shop!

Outfits of the Month

Ridiculous Outfit of the Month

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High Rise Mens Shorts

With the weather getting nicer, several fans have requested me to give high rise mens shorts, the ridiculous outfit of the month. Make sure not to make this mistake this month and keep the shorts below your knees!


Will ripped jeans finally make their comeback?

In this month's article of #TRENDWATCH, the whole world is wondering, will ripped jeans finally make their comeback?

With several of high profile celebrities rocking ripped jeans, yes, they may just be back in street fashion. The look is derived from the 90s where individuals generally had the jeans flared and ripped. With a touch of modernization, they have definitely made their comeback but instead of flared the majority of pairs are slim.

Pictured below is Bayern Munich Soccer Star, Kingsley Coman rocking a stylish top and ripped jeans.

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