Energy Use In Cars

Made by Kylee Bouchard ❤️


Electric cars offer significant energy and pollution saving over traditional gasoline cars. Electric cars driven in BC produce 40times less greenhouse gas than gasoline cars. This is 1/3of the energy consumption of an equivalent gasoline-powered car, and it is due to the overall efficiency of an electrical system compared to a heat engine.


Only about 14% - 26% of energy from the fuel you put in a gasoline tank get used to move your car down the road.


Energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies or used to power accessories.

Friction & Heat

For all the energy required to propel a vehicle, not all of it makes it to the wheel. Some of it is lost to friction and heat. Vehicle inefficiencies can be classified into two categories of losses; road-load and energy conversion.

Gasoline cars

Gasoline cars use a whole bunch of energy. They also use up gas quite a bit. If it uses up energy and gasoline in everywhere on the earth, the world will be a bad place to live someday.

Electrical cars

Electrical cars don't take gasoline,you just plug them in and saves awhile bunch of money, they also save a whole bunch of energy and make the world a better place