Cardiac Sarcoma!

Antoinette Lamon & Tamir Ockleberry 3rd Period

What is Cardiac Sarcoma?

  • Cardiac Sarcoma is a rare type of tumor that occurs in the heart. Cardiac Sarcoma is primary Maligant Cancerous Cardiac tumor.
  • It occurs any age, but more commonly seen in the age 20's to 40's.
  • Occur equally in males and females.

How Is Cardiac Sarcoma Diagnosed ?

5 Examples

  • It is diagnosed based on what symptoms are present.
  • Magnatic Resonance
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Cardiac Catherization
  • Biopsy

Symptoms of Cardiac Sarcoma

  • A type of symptom of Cardiac Sarcoma is A tumor on the heart. A tumor on the heart vary depending on the location of the tumor.
  • Most people have painless mass or growth in the leg.
  • Pain or soreness in the area of mass caused by tumor pushing nerves or muscles.

Treatment Methods

  • Specific treatment for Cardiac Sarcoma will Always be determined by the doctor based on your age' overall health, medical history, tolerance, and your opinion on performance.
  • Heart transplant has been performed in selected patients due to extra cardiac extension.


  • Cardiac Sarcoma are very aggressive tumors and at least 80% have metastic disease at the same time of diagnosed.
  • 90% survive less than 9 months following diagnosed of cardiac sarcoma.