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ProQuest Learning: Literature (database)

With ProQuest Learning Literature you can explore 600 years of world literature including 4,000 authors from around the world and over 180,000 poems, novels, speeches, and plays, from medieval times to the present with reviews, study pages and multimedia materials.

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Device and Conquer

The SAAS library is device-friendly!

Here are some of the ways we support devices:

  • We have Kindle e-book readers for check out w/ a pledge to buy what you need.
  • You can check our library catalog from your phone, ipad or android device: Download the iPhone App

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  • Try out an Ebrary e-book collection on your IOS/Android tablet or Iphone.
  • Sign up for library updates by texting @3b319 to 425-947-2621

Was this a genuine library hoax?

Library Hoax at Futility Closet blog

"So far as your Authority will permit of it, exercise great Discrimination as to which Persons shall be admitted to the use of the Library. For the Treasure House of Literature is no more to be thrown open to the ravages of the unreasoning Mob, than is a fair Garden to be laid unprotected at the Mercy of a Swarm of Beasts.

"Question each Applicant closely. See that he be a Person of good Reputation, scholarly habits, sober and courteous Demeanour. Any mere Trifler, a Person that would Dally with Books, or seek in them shallow Amusement, may be Dismiss’d without delay."