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First Grade Integrated Project

First graders are working on a Roots of Reading/Seeds of Science unit field study pilot with the University of California Berkley. Their topic is Pushes and Pulls. Each class is applying their knowledge and working together to create a pinball machine as the final project. Students are using engineering skills while testing pinball machine designs with their own individual models and recording data in an investigation notebook. All students are actively engaged in this process which includes hands-on activities, reading grade level science text to learn ELA standards: 1.RI.1- ask and answer questions about key details in a text and 1.W.8- recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer questions. First graders are also integrating informational writing in this unit. Kudos to our first grade teachers and students for their inquisitive nature and willingness to risk to discover new things!

Monday Vision Screenings

Last week Beth sent out a list of students to each homeroom teacher that has students that need to complete a vision screening. Monday Mrs. Lauer will be coming to your class to screen the students that are on your list. This will be a brief screening and should not take long. If you were not sent a list last week but have any students that you have vision concerns about please send those names to Beth. If you did not receive the email then you do not have students that need to complete the screening at this time.

Tuesday Staff Meeting

We will begin PROMPTLY at 2:45, so please be on time.

  • Leader in Me Booster
  • Tech Share--Jump
  • KPREP Data--Data will be publicly released on Oct. 1, so I want to be sure you see it prior. It is to be released to school personnel on Sept. 29. We will be digging into the data with our own questions on Oct 5 PD, so the data share at staff meeting will be brief.
  • Program Review Committees

MOO-Wednesday is World Milk Day

Don't miss the excitement--SIGN UP! Kathy Jones has arranged for SCPS board member, Mr. Phillips, to bring out some of his cows to celebrate Milk Day with us! Please use the link to sign up for a 15 minute time slot. The cows will be in a portable pen under the trees by the parking lot. Mr. Phillips will be happy to take student questions.


Leadership Notebooks!

Submitted by Sarah Roos on behalf of the Leadership Notebook Action Team

Hopefully these things have been communicated to you by your grade level representative.

Here is an overview:

*The tabs we will all have as a school will be -Wildly Important Goals, - Data Tracking, - Victories, - Student Led Conferences

(Please note there are 5 tabs in the packs we received. If your grade level decides on another tab that is pertinent to your grade, please feel free to make it your own.)

*Inside the Victories tab we were thinking of adding …..happy notes from Related Arts, Lexia certificates , any other awards they receive

*We would love for everyone to share resources you think would be helpful to your grade level OR all grades.

*Our GOAL is to have all notebooks ready for Fall Conferences, meaning it would be ideal for them to be ready by Friday, October 9th

*Mrs. Mornar is working on a Minion template for all students to personalize and put in the front of their notebook.

We really want to see students take ownership of these and really be a part of their student voice. This shouldn’t feel like one more thing, but a way to help students see what they know and where they need to go to reach their goals. This lets them see they are getting closer to those goals. Only track what is most important. This is the first year…take a small bite. Thanks for your help!

Tigers 4 Titans!

Friday, October 2nd, we are looking forward to Southside staff families coming out to the Collins for tailgating and the game! If your child plans to walk with the Titans players, please arrive by 5:45. We have decided to get pizza for our tailgate to make it a little easier on all of us. (Since we will all be working and not have time to whip up something other than chips n dip.) If you plan to eat with us, send Sarah Roos or Amanda $3 to cover the cost. Please bring your own drinks. Pizza will arrive around 6:15.

Sarah Roos will deliver your shirt to you this week when they arrive.

We plan to mark off a spot for ourselves in the parking lot early in the afternoon. Bring your chairs, blankets, and be ready for a fun family night of supporting our Titans! #Tigers4Titans

Bus Rides--Miss Frizzle Does It and You Can Too!

Have you ever put yourself in a bus driver’s shoes? They have a tough job—keeping all kids safe with their back turned and while operating a moving vehicle! I know you’d agree that it would be hard to maintain order in the classroom if you were turned around in your chair with your hands on your easel! In the past few weeks, we have had an overwhelming number of phone calls from concerned parents about issues that are occurring on the bus between peers—and not necessarily things that can be documented on a bus write-up form! :( In an effort to SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, we would like your help in being a set of eyes and ears on the buses in October. By riding the bus routes on Fridays, we will be able to further promote STAR bus rider expectations and model positive reinforcement for the drivers. Student Lighthouse Team members are working on possible steps to making the bus ride better, but your observations and insight will be welcomed as input, too (SLT designed a google form for you to complete after you ride)! It just so happens that October is also when we celebrate Bus Driver Appreciation, so riding buses on Fridays will be a WIN-WIN situation!

Click on this link for more details and to get info on the special "thank you” we are extending for those of you willing to ride: https://docs.google.com/a/shelby.kyschools.us/spreadsheets/d/1emAO4freLdU_8J--kEsfz3KY3WXug3l7BH63REImh5E/edit?usp=sharing

RTI Update

*I-Team Meetings this week during Planning: Roos (Mon); Tower, Valerio, Roberts (Tues)

*Behavior RTI After school on Monday: 2:45 –Valerio (other slots still available, email Krista if you have baseline data complete or need to start collecting data for a student)

*Last AIMSweb work session Tuesday 4:00-5:00 — Reminder that all schedules need to be set up by October 1st!

Content Vocabulary Focus

Content vocabulary can feel like a foriegn language to many students. Embedding direct vocabulary instruction in your unit planning will support students' understanding and communication of content.

Last week in data teams several teams content vocabulary was the topic of conversation as we looked at student assessment data. Emily Swindler has provided some sites for review. Content vocabulary likely be part of our conversation next Monday at our PD Day as we dig into our KPREP data and our core math instruction!

From Emily Swindler:

Any of these strategy tools could be chunked and embedded throughout the unit. The more students discuss, play games, and make connections to unit vocabulary the more they will understand the content and use in their writing. Vocabulary maps throughout the whole unit are helpful as student discuss connections daily and grow their word understanding alongside content understanding.




Play a game of charades. Every one loves a good game of charades. Rather than doing the typical question and answer vocabulary review, get things moving with a game of charades. Break students up into teams, show the word on the card and watch students try to enact the vocabulary word. After a predetermined amount of time if the team does not know what word is being acted out, the opposing team gets a guess.

You could even try a variation of this by drawing pictures rather than using gestures. Either way, students will enjoy participating in this activity, and make essential connections between movement or pictures and the necessary vocabulary words.

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Titan Tiger Teams

Thanks for making our Collins seniors feel so welcome last week. We have 15 who have signed up to return to tutor individual student weekly beginning the week of Oct. 5. This mentor relationship can make the difference for some of our students--and has quite a positive impact on the Collins students too! Their annual visit restores my belief that the next generation is going to do GREAT things in this world. Can't wait for them to get a head start on that with our student!

Recommended Professional Reading

Sarah Gregory recommends Teaching Struggling Readers by Marie Clay. She is currently reading it with her RR/CIM certification class.

Polar Express Book Signing

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 6pm

727 West Main Street

Louisville, KY

From Karen McPherson

Chris VanAllsburg will be at the Ky Science Center in November for a reading of The Polar Express and a book signing. Free--donation gift and RSVP required. Check it out below....


This Week at Southside

Monday, September 28

Meet Me at the Tiger 7:10AM

Scheduled Vision Screenings

Site Visit from Camden Station Elementary (21st Century Furniture Focus) 9:30-11:30

K-3 PSPs with Paula Strong during Planning (Conference Room)

TPGES Make Up Session 2:45-3:30 (Library)

Tuesday, September 29

Susie arriving at 8:30 due to appointment

Bindu Sunil at Southside

RTI meetings during planning

Titan Tiger Tutors Planning (Cathcart, Logsdon, Gregory, Burkhardt) 1:20 (SBDM Room)

Staff Meeting 4:00 (Leader in Me Booster/Tech Share (Jump)/Program Review Committees)

After School Activity Leaders Meeting 4:00-following staff meeting (Library)

Wednesday, September 30

Krista Mornar OUT PM

4th and 5th PSPs with Paula Strong during Planning (Conference Room)

Thursday, October 1

Krista Mornar and Laura Cole OUT for behavior PD in Louisville

Data Teams during Planning: Running Records

NO Student Lighthouse Team 2:30-4:00

State Farm sponsored showing of Alice in Wonderland at Shelby Co Community Theater for SSE Students (Students have been individually invited) 7:00PM

Friday, October 2

Beth Cathcart OUT

Flu Shots give at SSE 7-8:00 (Health Room)--RSVP required with Tracy Early

Committee Meeting 7:00-7:45 in SSE Conference Room

Tigers 4 Titans - Tailgating and Game @ Collins 5:45 staff children on field/6:15 pizza delivered

Coming Up

Oct 5 PD Day -- KPREP Data Analysis and Tiering Core Math Instruction

Oct. 6 Titan Tiger Teams Begin (High School Mentors)

Lisa Smith joins SSE Staff Meeting

Oct. 12 Picture Day

Kindergarten Parent Academy

Oct. 15 3rd Grade trip to Stage One

Parent/Teacher and Student Led Conferences 3:00-7:00PM

Oct. 16 Report Cards Go Home

Principal for the Day--J McIntyre

Oct. 19-23 SCPS Fall Break

Oct. 27 Mix It Up Lunch

Oct. 30 9 Week Assembly in Gym 12:45-1:30

Fall Classroom Parties 1:30-2:15

Oct. 31 Tiger Trot @ Southside

Nov. 2 Kindergarten Parent Academy

Southland Dairy Farmers Mobile Classroom

Nov. 3 Election Day