Society Without Laws



This morning I woke up and looked out my window to see people driving down the middle of the road, speeding like crazy, and driving on the wrong side of the road. I was baffled at the sight before my eyes. On my way out to my car to go to school I decided that if everyone else was doing it, I should be doing it. I backed out of my driveway going 25 mph and proceeded to drive down the center of the road entirely too fast. On my way to school I saw more wrecks than I could count and I was terrified.

Morning contd.

When I pulled into the school parking lot I was shocked to see that I was the only car in the parking lot! Since there were no rules of course there would not be a single kid in sight of the school. So being that I was the only one at the school I turned my car around and sped out of that parking lot and found myself calling my friends to go to the mall. Before heading to the mall I called my parents and told them I was going to the mall instead of school and they were not very happy with me, but since there were no laws I ignored their anger and went on my way to the mall.


After getting a car full of friends I quickly made me way to the mall. When we walked into the mall lobby I noticed that it was a zoo! Girls were running through the mall like wild-women and store buzzers were going off like crazy because the shop lifting law was no longer in place. My friends and I hit up all of our favorite stores and got a brand new wardrobe for free! I was definitely loving the whole no law thing that was for sure. Not everyone was loving the no law thing though, there were many people who were terrified because of how nutty some people were getting.


After all of that shopping my friends and I definitely worked up an appetite, so we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for some lunch. Because there were no food safety laws our steaks and chicken were very undercooked and we all got super sick right away! It was terrible the whole restaurant was getting sick because random customers were going back to cook the food and did so improperly. I was so mad at Texas Roadhouse for making me sick because they cooked my food wrong, they're a restaurant shouldn't the know how to cook food?


After a long day of shopping my friends and I decided to go do some gravel travel. Gravel travel is always a blast! We find a super muddy road and speed over the hills, sometimes we were going so fast that the car went off of the ground! We had so much fun that we totally lost track of time and did not get home until four in the morning. When I got home my mom was waiting up for and she was really mad because I had broken curfew by three and a half hourse and I had skipped schol that day. I knew that the laws were gone, but I didn't realize that the laws with my mom were still in tact.