Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

April 11th - 15th

Greetings Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring break and has had the chance to relax and spend time with family and friends. I am looking forward to seeing all of the students back in class on the 11th.

With six and a half weeks left in the school year, it's crazy to think we still have quite a bit to accomplish. It becomes very difficult this time of year for the children to remain focused, which is understandable. We experienced "spring fever" before the break and I am sure it will continue when we return. Therefore I am holding the students more accountable for their behavior choices and letting them decide if they had any behavior issues that should be noted in their Friday Folder

Please keep an eye on your child's grades in the parent portal. With testing this month, we have limited opportunities for regular daily grades and tests. There are only 5 - 6 graded assignments in each subject area which means that one poor grade can have a greater effect on your child's final grade.

If you have not yet sent in your t-shirt order form for Fifth Fest, please remember to do so. If you need another copy of the form, have your child log onto their eClass page and download it. The students know I posted it there on the downloads tab,

The Georgia Milestone Assessments begin the week of the 18th. Scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter to check out our themed days for this week's spirit week.

The weather is getting warmer and it's wonderful to be able to transition out of our winter clothes and back to warm weather outfits. Please make sure that your child's wardrobe choices are not too revealing and appropriate for the elementary school environment.

Spring has arrived and so has the pollen! If your child needs allergy medications, you must bring the medicine into the school clinic. Students in elementary school are not allowed to bring in their own medications. They must visit the clinic and speak with the nurse if they feel they need to take their medications.

Georgia Milestones Testing is the week of the 18th - 25th. Check out the calendar at the bottom of the page for exact testing days.

Here's a look at next week...

In math next week, we will begin reviewing decimals, coordinate grids and fractions. There are no graded assignments next week. We will also practice our constructed/extended response writing skills in math in preparation for the Milestones test.

In social studies, we will learn about the Vietnam Conflict, and more modern wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan. We wrap up social studies learning about the war on terrorism and 9/11. We will also begin reviewing for the Milestones test.

In science next week, we will wrap up our study of current electricity and circuits with a daily grade on Wednesday. We will shift our focus to magnetism after that - our last topic for science this year. We will also begin reviewing for the Milestones test.

Mrs. Blankenship will begin an extensive review in language arts in preparation for the Milestones test. The students will have their final G/L Roots inclusive grade Friday. The words are located on Quizlet. Ms. Sehrish, the student teacher, will lead a review of the words Tuesday in class.

As the students prep for the Milestones assessment, Mrs. Blankenship will specifically be working with the students on restating the question, citing text evidence, using compound/complex sentences, rereading for complete and thought filled answers, and "flavor blasting" responses. Using these pointers, the students will complete a reading comprehension assessment Friday. FrontRow reading and writing assignments regarding The Great Barrier Reef have also be assigned. These two activities are due Thursday. The students will be reviewing the writing examples as time permits in class Friday and into the following week. The 30 minute reading expectation also continues. Your support from home in reiterating the points made in class as well as asking your child if quality work has been given to the Front Row assignments is appreciated.

Thursday will be Ms. Sehrish's last day with our team. The students will be assigned the task of writing a "best wishes/thank you" letter to her. It will be due Wednesday.

Important Dates:

April 13th - Yogli Mogli Night

April 18th - Language Arts Milestones Test

April 19th - Language Arts Milestones Test (Day 2)

April 21st - Math Milestones Test

April 21st - Chick-Fil-A Night - I'll be on the late shift from 7 - 8 P.M.

April 25th -Science Milestones Test

April 27th -Social Studies Milestones Test

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw

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