Internet Safety

Be safe online

Stay safe online

How to stay safe online. If you don’t follow internet safety tips you could get hurt outside and inside the internet. Here are some tips to keep you and loved ones safe.

Are your children safe?

Tips to keep people safe


1. Don’t share your email.

2. Don’t share you home phone number online.

3. Use different usernames for all you online accounts.

4. Use at least a 6 character password.

5. Never agree to meet up with somebody you don’t know personally to meet outside of online activities.

6. Don’t share your address, state, or city online.

7. Don’t post/share a personal picture of yourself to anyone online.

8. Don’t use a username that reveals your gender.

9. Don’t share your password to anyone.

10. Don’t respond to messages from people you don’t know or messages that make you feel uncomfortable.

11. Have your privacy settings on private

12. In chat rooms don’t share any personal information

13. Don’t share your cell-phone number online