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" Land of Lincoln"

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Before the United States of America had land on the atlantic coast to the pacific coast, states were slowly being claimed. After the American Revolution, settlers started to move west until they claimed the state now known as Illinois.

How did Illinois get its name?

Before the settlers came to North America an indian group called the Illini lived in the land now called Illinois. The word “illini’ in algonquin language ( the common language among the indian tribes) means “The people”. So after Illinois was named the 21st state of america on December 3, 1818 the settlers in Illinois decided to name the new state after the first people who lived there.

Illinois Physical Features

Now, many people know Illinois for its big cities such as Chicago and Springfield, but Illinois still has many glorious physical features. The physical feature that Illinois is most famous for is their plains and prairies. One of Illinois’ nicknames is:”The Prairie State” for its plains and prairies. However, because of all the buildings in Illinois the amount of prairies and plains has shrunk dramatically. Even though Illinois is known for its plains and prairies, its waterways are also important to its history. Since Illinois is close to Michigan and Wisconsin it also borders the Great Lakes. To go along with its neighboring Great Lakes Illinois alone has more than 500 waterways. Illinois also has forests and mountains. One example of a forest and mountain is the Shawnee hills and Shawnee National Forest.

The Shawnee National Forest is also home to “The Garden of the gods”.

Manufactured Products in Illinois

Illinois is not only famous for their physical features, but their role of manufacturing in the United States. Illinois is important to the manufacturing business by being the “birthplace” of many big food companies today. Two of the major companies that started in Illinois is: the fast food franchise Mcdonalds and and the mac-n-cheese company Kraft. With the manufactured goods made in Illinois, the state has gained over 105 billion dollars! Illinois is also the 4th most productive state behind: California, Texas, and Ohio.

Tourists traps in the “Land of Lincoln”

When people and tourists come to Illinois, buildings and stadiums attract the tourists to come and see them. One of the tourist attractions in Illinois is Abraham Lincoln’s house in Springfield. Illinois is also called the “Land of Lincoln” because our 16th president grew up in Illinois. Another place that is fun to visit in Illinois is Ronald Reagan’s hometown in Tampico. Since Ronald Reagan was a president to his old hometown is special for tourists to see. Sport fans also come to Illinois. Most sport fans come to Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cub’s home stadium. Wrigley Field is also special because it is the second oldest baseball stadium( behind Fenway park which is the home of the Boston Red Soxs) at 101 years old.

More Illinois Trivia

  • Other state “claims” are : mineral: fluorite, tree: white oak, fish: bluegill, insect: monarch butterfly, fossil: tully monster, dessert: pumpkin pie, snake food: popcorn, fruit: goldrush apple

  • In Chicago, the O’hare National Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world

  • Professional sport teams in Illinois include: the Chicago Cubs and White soxs play in baseball, the Chicago Bulls play basketball, the Chicago Bears play football for Illinois, and the Chicago Blackhawks play hockey in Illinois

  • Illinois is the 6th most populated state in the U.S

  • Professors from the University of Chicago have won 69 Nobel prizes

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