Got a mess??

Get your head in the game with the A-Team!

Help is here!

Do you have trouble keeping up with your school work? Do you get ESP often? Do you lose papers easily? Do you feel lost and overwhelmed? Or do you just need to clean out your notebooks and book bag occasionally?

Join us:

Every Monday and Wednesday


Room 611 (Mrs. Gilas' room)

NJHS members and school counselors will be there to help you sort through your papers, clean out your notebooks, and get you on the right track!

*Come as often as you would like! Bring your notebooks and book bag!

A-Team Leaders

GCMS NJHS Advisor: Ms. Mills

GCMS School Counselors:

6th Grade--Mrs. Ponce-Batts

7th Grade--Mrs. Folsom

8th Grade--Mrs. Edge