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SOM Buccaneers' News and Events vol 2 Week of 2/15/16

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February Staff Birthdays!

Yolanda Naranjo 2/1

Maria Elena Rodriguez 2/8

Glen Smith 2/13

Carlos Ortiz 2/17

Nikki Reyes 2/21

Kathleen Attard 2/25

PLC Planning Time this week (2/19):

STEAM Unit Planning as was discussed in FAC, Curriculum Council, and Faculty Meeting: Social Science (505), Math (303), PE (WR), English/Read 180/ELD (210). PLCs work to determine essential learnings and key standards that are "must haves" to be incorporated into STEAM lessons for 2016-17. This will be in anticipation for STEAM Unit Planning on March 11 and March 18.

All other PLCs continue to plan as per district Cohort and site release days' agendas.

Congratulations and Thank You to these Buccaneers:

Great Job Ms. Parrenas, Counselors, and Ms. Karlin on the Awards Assembly

Thank you Mr. Tornero, Mr. Jimenez, and Mr. Medina for keeping us safe when you were needed!

Thank you Ms. Whitacre, Mr. Singh, Mr. Torres, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Karlin, Mr. Campos, and Ms. Lamanna for attending the Security Training last week at the PDC!

What is GRIT? How can you get some?

Buccaneers, GRIT can be defined as personal resolve to accomplish difficult and challenging tasks. Another definition I appreciate is the following: a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's passion to achieve a long term goal. Grit is hard to teach, but can be coached by discussing goal-setting strategies and having students imagine themselves achieving highly. I was not very good at this as a teacher early in my career. I fell into the trap of nagging the students and this turned them off. When I found the magic of having students reflect on the success in their lives and how they thought that working hard in school might help them achieve that type of success, I made many more connections. More on grit here:

STEAM Resources:

This Week on the High Seas:

February IS African American History Month!

Monday, February 15 President’s Holiday, No School Today!

Tuesday, February 16 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Kindness Week

Berry Elementary Recruitment Visit (Counselors, Program Leaders, Admin) 10:00AM

Calendar Mtg. 9:00am @ Office Conf Rm

Mendoza Elementary Recruitment Visit (Counselors, Program Leaders, Admin) 2:00PM

Study Hall 3-5PM

Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

ELAC Mtg. 6-7:30PM@Cafeteria

Wednesday, February 17 (6, 2, 4)

Kindness Week

College Awareness- Wear your college T-Shirt or Sweatshirt!

AVID Supply Check 8AM

Heightened Security Drill 10AM

SST Mtg. 10:30-11:30AM


ASB Student Council Mtg. 3PM

Study Hall 3-5PM

Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

Dual Immersion Program Mtg. 6-7:30PM

Thursday, February 18 (1, 3, 5)

Kindness Week

Social Science Zone Training (Torres) 8AM-3PM

Admin Leadership @Conference Room 1PM (Walsh)

Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab Field Trip (STEAM) 8AM-4:30PM

School Site Council Mtg. 3-4:30PM

Study Hall 3-5PM

Credit Recovery Monday-Thursday 3-4:30PM

Friday, February 19 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1)

Kindness Week

Buccaneer Spirit Day Every Friday!

Registration Visits to World Cultures Classes (Counselors) 8AM-1PM

Shortened Day Dismissal at 1PM

16-17 STEAM Planning: Social Science (505), Math (303), PE (WR), English/Read 180/ELD (210)

Study Hall 1-3PM

Sunnyslope Elementary Recruitment Visit (Counselors, Program Leaders, Admin) 2:00PM

Achieve 3000 Training (ELA, ELD, Social Science Teachers) 2-3PM

Saturday, February 20

Saturday School 8-12pm

Credit Recovery 8-1PM

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math is always fun in Mr. Tornero's classes!