AP Biology

Course Updates April 2014

Four Weeks Left!

The Spring 2014 semester is coming to a close… *sigh*

I know it is has been a long and challenging journey, but you have made it this far, so let’s go out with a bang! Your last benchmark date is May 2nd. Do your best to get your assignments in on time. If you have a module exam to take, please make sure you study.

Grades will be finalized on May 8th. Make sure you look over your grades carefully for any errors.If you see a mistake, please send me an email or give me a call. I cannot give out final grades via email or phone – so you will have to be patient… You too, parents!

Calendar of Events

  • April 7-11: Spring Break
  • April 18: Assignment Due Date
  • May 2: Assignment Due Date
  • May 7-8: Final Exam
  • May 6: EOCT test date
    (private & homeschool only)
  • May 9: Course Ends
  • May 12: AP Biology Exam

Test Corrections

For each module exam, you may complete one test correction document. The test correction document must include a comprehensive and detailed reflection for each test question answered incorrectly on the module exam. For each question that you provide a reflective and accurate correction, you may earn 1/4 of a point back on your test score. Please do not include the feedback that was provided from when your test was graded - that is my reflection; you should provide your own :)

Please submit test corrections for all module exams to the Test Correction dropbox.

Test corrections for previous modules must be submitted before April 14, 2013.

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Log into Shmoop and take the AP Biology Diagnostic test. Double check to make sure you are enrolled in our Shmoop AP Biology 2013-2014 so that I can review your results and give you credit for completing the test.

You must take the diagnostic test before 4/4 for bonus points.
If you took the diagnostic last semester, go ahead and take it again.
Send me an email if you have any questions or concerns.

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Final & AP Exams

Students, it is just about that time to start thinking about our course final and the AP Biology Exam. The final exam counts for 20% of the final average and will be available May 7th and 8th. All students must take the final exam.

The final exam for this course is designed to reflect the AP Biology Exam. The exam is cumulative for the year and will consist of multiple choice, grid-in, long answer, and short answer questions. The AP Biology Exam consists of 63 multiple-choice questions, 6 grid-in questions, 2 long answer questions, and 6 short answer questions.

Students who are taking AP Biology as their biology graduation requirement must also take the EOCT. If you are a public school student, please check with your school counselor to make sure you are registered to take the EOCT. If you are a private or homeschooled student, you must register for the EOCT with GaVS. The EOCT Registration Deadline is Friday, April 4, 2014. The EOCT test date is Tuesday, May 6, 2013.

Check out the AP Students website for additional information.

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GaVS Spring Break April 7th - 11th

Spring break for the Georgia Virtual School is April 7th to the 11th.

If your school spring break is a different date than GaVS you will have to work ahead in the course so you can afford to take the time off from the course. The first assignment due date after spring break is April 18th. Please do whatever is necessary to make sure you have your assignments completed and submitted before that date; otherwise late assignments will be subject to a grade penalty. If you have specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. In fact, go ahead and take this quick survey to let me know your plans:

Spring Break Survey

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