4th Grade News 8/31/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Ways to Keep Informed!

We hope you have had an opportunity to look at your child's agenda to see how we are recording homework assignments and leaving any important notes for parents. Please make sure you have signed up for Remind 101 to stay informed with reminders and important date information.

Agenda--We use an agenda to help students keep track of assignments. Each day before leaving a class, students write their homework or other reminders in their agendas. These are initialed by each teacher so that you know they have correctly written things down. This is also where we might write notes to you if needed, and it is where any behavior infractions will be documented.

Remind 101--Please join our remind 101 text alerts so that you can be kept informed of any reminders and dates you might need to know. Mrs. Foster's remind 101 can be joined by texting @foster4 to the number 81010. Mrs. Curtright's remind 101 can be joined by texting @curtr to the number 81010.

Important Information

Book orders due Wednesday by 1:00pm!

Friday--wear red & white to support the Cabot Panthers!

Students who are interested in K-kids can apply tomorrow during recess.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-Week 2 is in the books!! We had a wonderful week in math. We were able to review place value with ones through the thousands place from 3rd grade. We went on to the millions place and will continue up to the hundred millions place over the next couple of weeks. This week we will be working on writing numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form. We will also begin math rotations this week. Students will rotate through 3 different rotations daily: small group (meet with teacher), fluency, and independent practice. This gives students the opportunity to work on content, fact fluency, and give me the opportunity to see if any student is struggling in any content area.

Accuracy checks last week were wonderful! This week we will be focusing on the 10 facts. Students will be learning several games this week that they may play at home during their 15 minute homework time. Please make sure your child is studying the 10 facts, while continuing to practice the 2 facts. They do have fact cards in their zipper pouch that you can use to quiz them over these facts. I have added photos of some of the activities we did this week below.

Science-The Jellybean Lab last week was so much fun!! Students used their 5 senses to describe, predict, classify, and using the classification guide, they were able to identify the actual jellybean flavor of each of their beans. The perk was testing their classifying skills by eating the jellybean to see if they were correct. Mrs. Foster had some writing activities to enhance this lesson. This week we will begin the "Drops on a Penny Lab" as well as "Making Glue Lab". Each of these labs are class favorites! Ask your child daily what happened in Science today! Look below for class photos of the Jellybean Lab.

Social Studies-We will switch from Science to Social Studies mid-way through the 9 weeks.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--Based on assessments the first week, students are grouped in word study groups. One group will be studying final k sounds using -ck or -ke. The other group will look at adding endings to base words. Both groups will have an assessment on Friday! Be sure to look for the paper coming home today about ways parents can help with spelling!

Reading--This week we will begin reading response letters. Foster homeroom will have their first letter due this Friday. Curtright homeroom will be due next Friday. These will be done in class unless a student needs more time. Students will do a quick comprehension check on Tuesday. We will also read and research possible ingredients to use to make glue in Science.

Vocabulary--We will begin our vocabulary journals this week. With the goal of becoming "word nerds", students will be learning new vocabulary words every two weeks. We will begin our 10 day cycle on Wednesday. Students will have 4 vocabulary words to start, and we will also learn synonyms and antonyms.

Writing--We will write and share about ingredients for glue, and then students will work in teams to create their glue recipe. We will review nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. We will also plan an advertisement for glue that we will create next week. We will write daily in our Writer's Notebooks.

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