LV Technology

BY: Eric.L


Now since I've type I now know how to type without looking at the key board. I also know how to type vary fast. I have grown to like the typing web because its fun to complete the levels and get farther and faster each and every time i do it.

I Trailer

During working on I trailer i learned that you can use pictures to make the story interesting. When i was working on the text i figured out that the words go with the pictures and that important. I Also fund out that the type of trailer that your making matters to your story line.

Haiku Deck

During Haiku Deck i found out that your background and photos can explain. When I was presenting I found out that you need to look at the audience and you do not have to read directly every thing off the screen. Now that I used Haiku Deck I think its important that you have pictures in the background that go with your text.

Explain Everything

While I was working on Explain Everything I learned that in your narration if you make a video you need to sound happy and not all plain. i learned that I can put a courser on the places that you want the person to see. Also you can put the recording of you voice how fast or slow you want it and you can skip parts to if you dont like what you said.

Career Locker

From this I learned that I want to be a game designer at treyarch. I also learned what collage I should go to get a good education. I learned that when i whent through some tests that a game designer would be a good job for me.


While I was in code i learned how to program stuff to move and a bunch of other stuff. I made my own game and learned that you can make some really fun games.

You get a bunch of other cool activities like flappy bird coding minecraft coding to.