The End is Near...

Please read through all of this carefully!


We thought it might be fun to dress up in costumes or something fun for our last night rehearsal coming up this Monday, October 21st from 6:30-8:30 pm. Feel free to wear a costume or something fun or silly for our last rehearsal. Plan something with your sections, your friends, wear your section color, etc. Your costume should not interfere with your marching or playing ability.

Don't forget about rehearsal this Friday, October 25th!

It has been on the calendar, but we have extra rehearsal on this coming Friday. The rehearsal will continue through 8th period after school until 5:00 pm. Percussion will need to load the trailer near the end of rehearsal since we aren't rehearsing on Saturday before we leave.


Our last competition is coming up next Saturday, October 26th! It's hard to believe the competitive season is almost over! Below is the itinerary and permission slip for this competition as well as some other important information for parents regarding the competition.

Sign up to help at El Paso Gridley!

We need parents to help pull the trailer, move equipment, chaperone on the bus, etc. Sign up here:

From the El Paso Gridley Band Director:

  • Concessions will be available throughout the day, from 3:00 until awards. See the attached concession menu for food options! *HINT* The Caramel Apples are beyond awesome – make sure to try one! WE ACCEPT DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS (and cash)
  • Admission - Chaperones/drivers/directors/students get stamped for re-admissions. General admission is $7 for adults, and $5 forstudents/seniors. Children 4 and under are free!


Jury Night is Monday, October 28th at 6:30 pm. Jury night is a chance for any student that had an excused absence from a performance to make up that performance for full credit. For jury night, students will be expected to perform the music/routine of the event that they missed. For example, if they missed a parade, they would just perform the music from that parade.

Students are not required to attend jury night if they are comfortable with their grade how it is. Some students feel that their grade is not affected enough by an absence to make it up at jury night. It is the student and parent's decision.

Questions? Ask Ms. Peterik or Mrs. Fernsberg.


TMB uniform collection will be Monday, October 28th from 5:00-7:00 pm. Students will need to make sure to return all parts of their uniform to avoid getting charged to replace missing parts. If a student can not make this time to turn in uniforms, they need to talk to a director.