Anna Borkowska

"Mother" of the Jews

Long live the Mother!

Anna Borkowska nicknamed Imma or mother in Hebrew helped save many Jews today. She helped save a lot of Jews by smuggling in weapons in the Vilna ghetto. She did so much for the Jews. She saved many of the Jewish's faith from the Russians till the Germans came in and started cold bloodedly killing them. She agreed to even save many of them by hiding them in her covenant during the German rein but was later persuaded to smuggle weapons into the Vilna ghetto so the Jews could fight back.

Anna Borkowska

She was born in 1906. She was Polish by birth. She graduated from Karkow University as a science major. She then became a nun and headed a covenant of 7 or 8 nuns. She lived in Kolonia Wilenska, three miles from Vilna. She gave faith to the jews. She ended up dieing in 1988.

Her most memorable story!

She remembers bringing in a four year-old girl during a Nazi killing frenzy. The girl was very brave too and knew what the Germans were doing. Then one night the germans came and took the girl and her grandma to Ponary where they perished.