Vocabulary Project- Kaela Pierce

nomad, belief, ethnic group, and developing country


A nomad is a person who does not live in a specific place but moves constantly. Many nomads live in less developed or developing countries. Nomads are a type of ethnic groups. Nomads believe that they must be free from attachments so this is in most cases a belief. There are Nomads in Southwest and Central Asia.


Is accepting that something is true and right. Many people with beliefs form ethnic groups. Some religious beliefs are christian, muslim, and jewish. Although these religious groups are very broad they break into smaller more specific groups such as Catholic, Baptist and Episcopalian all are types of Christians. An example of a religion in Southwest and Central Asia is Judaism.

Ethnic Group

Ethnic groups are socially defined categories of people due to beliefs. An example of this is nomads. There are ethnic groups in most to all countries. Many religions form ethnic groups in many ways.

Developing Country

A developing country is a country with lower standard of living as opposed to a country with a higher standard of living. many developing countries have more nomads than others because there are more farms in developing countries. An example of this is southwest and central Asia.


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