1787 Northwest Ordinance Pros

Why we should keep the Northwest Ordinance

Forbid Slavery

Slavery should be banned. Imagine if we had a role reversal, feel good? I didn't think so. The Ordinance will lead us to a future where slavery is prohibited. Except slavery in the future can be for any unlucky person, and it's called being payed under minimum wage.

Individual rights

Speaking of slaves and their right to be free, every other person should takes control of their own freedom. The Ordinance allows freedom of worship, trial by jury, no cruel punishment, and etc. Why should another human being tell you what to do? But obey the piece of paper.
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Expansion of our community

Settlers are encouraged to develop communities. Grow, develop, and advance our community. Make your community be the most advance or the prettiest, just make it functional. Since you get a good chunk, you stay away from the set parameters, seriously, don't... pass ... the ...line, thanks for your cooperation.
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Thank You

With the Ordinance, you WILL be happy and safe in our community. So thanks. A lot, I'm serious.
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