Writer's Workshop

How you can Conference with your Child about their writing

Guided Practice

We are working on persuasive writing this month in Writer's Workshop. Students are writing reviews on places they visited and activities they participated in over their holidays. This week we will also be focussing on how students can be effective conference partners, giving "Glows & Grows" to their writing partners. It is always helpful if parents/adults can also model effective conferencing at home. Much of your child's writing is published and drafted on google docs. If you are reading your child's writing at home I thought it may be beneficial for you to know what we are working on in class every day. Please see the attached anchor charts as well as the video clips for tips on how to conference with your child and what areas to focus on when giving constructive feedback.


Since this is a shared experience with you and your child it is a great opportunity for you to discuss with your child their writing.

Have fun!

"Nobody rises to low expectations."

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