Vol. 4 (September 27, 2015)

This Week...

Language Arts

-Letter Focus:

  • Gg Oo Pp
  • -Letter Knowledge
  • Your child is responsible for all of the letters (recognizing) and their individual sounds that we have learned up to this point. Please continue to review them.
  • Letter Sound
  • Letter Formation
  • Please have your children practice reading their letter books. They should be able to read them independently. Make sure they are pointing as they are reading and looking at the words. Keep these books to use as reinforcement of our reading skills and decoding skills.

-Foundations of Reading:

  • Reading Left to Right
  • Reading Top to Bottom (read and sweep)
  • 1 to 1 correspondence
  • **Difference between a letter and a word.
  • Author/ Illustrator

-What is an author?

-What is an illustrator?

-What are their jobs?

  • What is a title of a book?
  • Where is the title on a book?

-Reading "snap words":

  • I you it of and
  • -Secret Stories (decoding skills)
  • Vowels ("Super Heros") short and long sounds
  • er/ir/ur
  • or
  • ch
  • ou/ow
  • ew/eu
  • ar
  • sh
  • "two vowels..."
  • th

- We continued with the book study of Chrysanthemum this week

  • Number of letters in everyone's name
  • graphing everyone's name
  • How many letters does your name have?
  • How many vowels does your name have?


Number Knowledge (focus-0-10)

  • Numeral representation
  • Now that we have learned how to write our numerals (0-9) we began this week deeply talking about what each numeral really means (See the pictures laughing at my artwork) :)

Calendar Math

  • months
  • days of the week
  • odd/even
  • today/tomorrow/yesterday
  • weather



Johnny Appleseed

  • Who was Johnny Appleseed?
  • How was his life like ours?
  • How was his life different than ours?

We read many books about Johnny

  • had a great non-fiction text about him
  • Brainpopjr (should be free this week to watch) I tried to attach the link
JOHNNY APPLESEED Children's Audio Book Read Aloud, written by Patricia Demuth



  • 4 Seasons
  • What is special about fall?
  • Changes in fall

Geese are flying south

Squirrels gather nuts

Pumpkins are ready to carve

Time to pick the apples

Clothes change

Leaves change


Holidays in the fall

  • We read books about fall
  • We went on a fall walk to observe the changes
  • We watched a Brainpopjr ( show about fall
  • We are working on our own Fall pattern book
Fletcher And The Falling Leaves - read by Arwen Sharp
Autumn Songs for Children - Autumn Leaves are Falling Down - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

I cannot always attached the books that we read, but I do try to attach a few each week so you can be familiar with some of what we are reading and singing in class.


We have one more "baseline" assessment to complete this week. We will be completing the "I-Ready" assessment on Tuesday in the computer lab. I-ready" is an English Arts assessment. Once your child has a baseline score then the program will begin to assign activities/lessons on the skills they need. We plan to use I-Ready in our classroom and for homework this year.


Monday: Molly

Tuesday: Nicholas

Wednesday: Rhea

Thursday: Ryan

Friday: Sophia


Monday: PE

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Science

Friday: Guidance


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I'm sending out a BIG "thank you" to all of you that sent in items and/or money for our class basket! I appreciate all of your help and donations!!

Ms. Orefice will be shopping for and assembling our basket this week. (Thank you Ms. Orefice!)

It will be auctioned off this Friday at our Dragon Pride Night!

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Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6:30-9pm

1215 Moss Farm Street Northwest

Concord, NC

Come out and join us for a night of BINGO and our annual BASKET RAFFLE!

Upcoming Dates

  • October 2-Dragon Pride Night
  • October 13- Individual pictures (tentative)
  • **October 30th Letterland Parade and "Fall Festivities" (more info to come)