Domestic Violence in America

By: Aaron Felts

Making A Stand

In this atrocious articles you see how violent people can be to women. Huge NFL stars 6' 4" defensive linemen who take anger out an women as an alternative to how to deal with their actions. There "men" are selfish people who don't know that ladies are kind creatures that should be treated with respect. Greg Hardy is not the only person to commit domestic violence. Many NFL super stars and celebrities in general commit these inhumane crimes. People like Ray Rice and Chris Brown have committed domestic violence and there has not been enough awareness about the subject. Ladies should never be beaten or discriminated against. There isn't enough awareness about this subject or people push it aside like it's just another story but people are missing the point. There needs to be a change in this world once and for all where women can feel safe and respected from men all around the world. Lets make a change.