Home Décor with Antler Chandeliers

Create a Unique Home Décor with Antler Chandeliers

Homeowners often want to have a unique décor that makes them stand apart. People look for extraordinary and antique items that they can display in their home. Most of them prefer to have themed rooms, in which they choose the furniture and decoration according to a particular theme. If you are one of those, who want to have a unique collection of home decor items, consider buying Antler Chandeliers, which are designed using the real antler horns.

If you want to give a rustic look to your living room, kitchen or study, you can simply hang a chandelier made of Antler horns. Whether you have a modern house or a traditional country home, the chandeliers will totally transform the look of your room and make it look rich and elegant.

About Antler Chandeliers

The antler chandeliers have been in use for centuries. They were highly used for décor in log homes, ski lodges and other setups, but now they are widely used in lofts, upscale dining establishments, penthouses, businesses, restaurants, and even homes. Designers create artistically arranged beautiful natural structures that appeal people and look graceful. Anyone who loves rustic western décor would prefer to have antler chandeliers. The chandeliers are mostly made from antlers of North American and European deer. The deer are not hunted for deriving the antler, rather deer shed the antlers once a year and these shed antlers are used to create rustic western décor pieces.

The common type of antlers used to make chandeliers include white-tailed deer, Elk, the Mule deer, the Moose, Caribou, Red Stag deer, and the Fallow deer. The best thing about these chandeliers is that they last lifelong. The natural finish is so durable that it does not require any maintenance. You just need to wipe the dust with a soft cloth after some time.

Where to buy

The rustic chandeliers were earlier available with the collectors. However, you can buy beautifully designed chandeliers and lights online these days. Like earlier days, the antler chandeliers are not only available with timber beams but also available with an array of mounting and installation options. Besides having candle stands, you can also have electric lighting options. The antler chandeliers come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes to suit your room and create the best ambience. Some online stores also offer to customize the chandeliers according to your preferences and suit the interior as well as the background of your room.

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