Willamstad Times

By: Delaney

12 Year Old Boy Found On Mysterious Islandl

On August 20, 1942, Phillup Enright was found on an cay called the devils. Phillup was found on the cay as a blind boy. Phillup was sent to a hospitial in New York where he meet his parents, Mother Grace and Father Phillup. When 12 year old Phillup was ok he was sent back to Curaco with his mother and father.

Interview with 12 year old Phillip

Interview With Phillip....

WT: So Phillip let me just ask a few questions.

WT: Where you on the island by your self the whole time?

Phillip: No I had a cat named Stew Cat and a friend, his name was Timothy

WT: How old was Timothy

Phillip: He never really said his age he said he was too old and that he was around his 60's and 70's.

WT: What happend to Timothy? Why is'ent he with you now?

Phillip: Well there was a big storm on the island and Timothy was trying to save me so he got on top of me. After the big storm Timothy had cuts all over his body. I tried to save him but it was too late. I made a grave for him and I buried him.

WT: What was Timothy to you?

Phillip: He was a friend..... He cared for me and helped me since I am blind. He made me feel like I could do any thing.

WT: How long were you on that island?

Phillip: 5 month's

WT: How did you get on that island?

Phillip: I was on the SS Hato.... We had just been torpedoed by the Germans...... I was in a boat with my mom we were being lowered into the ocean when I was hit in the Head by another boat.... I don't know what happened after that I remember waking up a few hours later on a raft with a black man ( Timothy ). We were on that raft for 4 days... Timothy then spotted an island. We were then on the Island for 5 months until I was found. ( August 20, 19542)

WT: Do you know why the Germans torpedoed your boat?

Phillip: Because then Germans and Curaco were at war.

WT: How old are you?

Phillip: 12

WT: What are you going to do with stew cat?

Phillip: I am going to keep him

WT: Ok Phillip Final question.

How is it being blind?

Phillip: At first I hated it but now I think that its not as bad, I dont like it but I dont really hate it.

Timothy's Obituary...

Timothy was adopted at birth, growing up as a south west indian. He was a black man who was raised to do work for white people. He was a caring person who was always respectful to anyone. He never talked bad about the white people. To his friends he was known as a teacher.

Update on World War 2....

1.There was a massive German air raid on Stalingrad.

2. The naval battle of the Eastern Solomons; the USS Enterprise is badly damaged and the Japanese lose one light carrier, the Ryujo.

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