Edouard Boubat

"Remi Looking at the Sea"

Background History

Boubat stared taking photos in 1946 and he won awards for several of his photos. He liked to take photographs of small fleeting moments to emphasize the beauty of everyday moments. This photo shows a small boy with a sea shell to his ear, the emotion comes from the simplicity of the photo. He captured the boy with his eyes closed and got good emotion on the boys face. The reason this photo is so famous is mainly because it emphasizes his style, and it captures the small moment very well.

My Opinion

I really like this photo, it is really good black and white because of the background. The boy has his eyes closed and is obviously very happy listening to the shell. It shows a lot of emotion and is framed fairly well. The shell is very close to being partly cropped, but it works because this photo doesn't need a lot of background. The focal point is very good and the joints are not cropped awkwardly. I really like this photo, especially due to the great emotion and black and white.