3B and 3D News

April 14th- April 18th


WOW: Volume

This week in math we will be reviewing measurement as well as other concept we have learned this year. We will continue with our daily warm ups and working on showing our work!

STAAR is next week, but please remind your student that it is not something to stress about. As long as they take their time and show their work they will rock it!

Homework: Will be a little different this week. Each night, learners will come home with three problems that are due the next day. They have been informed that they MUST show strategies on their homework. I don't just want the answer. Please encourage your student to do this independently.

Also, there will be no math tutoring Tuesday and no tutoring at all next week.

Reading and Language Arts

For reading, learners will continue with their book clubs! Have you asked your kiddo about these? Each child chose a book and was put into groups with other kids who chose that book. They read a chapter individually and then write a summary, thoughts and questions, and vocabulary words from that chapter. After that, they meet as a group and discuss the chapter. When the entire book is complete, learners will have a menu of activities to complete to show an understanding of the book.

Has your child come home talking about the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane? I have never seen a class so into a book! He sure did go on quite an adventure! Much of his journey was very sad and led to some great discussions!

We will finish up practicing some reading passages for STAAR testing. I am confident that if your learner uses some basic strategies they have been given and take their time on the test, they will do well! They are ready and it is time to show what they know!

Important Information

  • Please answer a couple of questions about E-time when you get a chance!

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v5MsJ1se8g72oOQue1AGRaZaqIpaAN- X2gOm7i5AsKk/viewform

  • Check out this Smore about SEM! https://www.smore.com/88qn8
  • We hope your child is not stressed out or nervous about the STAAR test. Yes, it is important, but it is not everything! All we hope for is that your learner does their best. We can't ask for more than that! Relax. Take your time. You will do awesome third graders!

For Your Calendar

  • 4/22 Math STAAR
  • 4/23 Reading STAAR
  • 4/21-4/25 No math or reading tutoring this week
  • 4/25 1st and 2nd Cluster Showcase
  • 4/30 Last day of reading tutoring with Mrs. Munoz
  • 5/4 End of the Year Picnic for 3B and 3D at Kid Country from 2:00-4:00.
  • 5/5-5/9 Spring Book Fair
  • 5/12-5/16 Last week of math tutoring with Ms. Paraliticci
  • 5/16 Field Day
  • 5/26 Memorial Day. No school.
  • 6/5 Last day of school. Early release at 12:50pm.

Home Fun

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. From our experience, we feel that 30 minutes is an appropriate amount of time for "home fun". Thank you for supporting us with this!

Math Resources:

Weekly Math Sheet (due on Fridays)


Mobymax: (Fact Master + Math Lesson)

Think Through Math

Reading Resources:

Mobymax: (Language, Vocabulary, Reading)

Read books at home

Spelling Resource: