Layla Awad

The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

The Way She Is

I wish there was one word to describe Layla, but there isn't. There are so many that I can't even tell you them all. She's terrific, fantastic, amazing, encouraging, kind, helpful, smart, beautiful, caring, loving, spectacular, funny; only to say the least. Layla tells people to believe in their dreams, and to never give up. She is selfless and puts other ahead of herself without a second thought. If you don't know and love her, you should.

Just a Few Things She has to say:


Layla goes to Bedford Junior High with me and all our other friends. We love it here and appreciate the experiences that they've allowed us to partake in. BJH all the way! We <3 you!


In the end, I made this flyer for my best friend, Layla, because she is smart, pretty, funny, and a spectacular person. I love you Layla with all my heart. Stay in my life forever.