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Friday, February 9th, 2018

No Friday Folders

Your child's Friday Folder did not come home yesterday. There wasn't much mail. You can look forward to a super stuffed folder next Friday!

Ice Skating

Due to the snow day, we will now be ice skating on Wednesday and Friday. PE teachers will be in contact with parents who indicated that they could volunteer.

Music Reminders

Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday for lessons and Wednesday for ensembles. Due to the snow day, chorus will now meet on Tuesday.


PAWS ~ No new assignment for the upcoming week. Though kids will complete an independent opinion writing task for me to compare the growth from the fall. I will be sure to share the comparisons with kids too!

Colonial America ~Students will be creating an interactive notebook of notes and information on the basics of daily life. As a group we'll go deeper and zero in on life in the colony of New York.

Picture Book Friday ~ Sophia read us a great story with an important message. Kellen is up for Friday the 16th!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are through the first two sections of Module 5. Today, we began comparing fractions. That will also be our focus for next week. Keep those exit ticket corrections coming my way!

Ms. Gleason's class ~ Our class is finishing up the last lesson in our geometry module on Monday. We will then review, and if all goes as planned, we will take the assessment on Thursday. Our next module is the fraction module. It is a long unit and will last a few months. During that time students will learn how to find equivalent fractions, compare, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We are just getting ready to finish our module on geometry. The kids have been working on drawing and measuring angles, classifying triangles based on angles and length of sides, as well as lines of symmetry. Next week we will look at quadrilaterals and their attributes, and then review and test for module 4. On Thursday or Friday we will have an introductory lesson to fractions before we begin our module on fractions when we return from the break. The fraction module is a rather long one and will take us into April. My hope is to be finished with the module in time to review for the state test, which will be administered the first week of May.

Valentine's Day

Thank you in advance for signing up to send in ice cream and toppings!
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