University / College Medical Center

Alyssa Wilson


Places such as Duke and Chapel Hill offer every level of patient care. This can range from prevention, to primary care, all the way to more sophisticated speciality services.

Professionals Employeed by the Agency...

Employees at these agencies can vary from primary care doctors to surgeons. They also include many specialists such as family medicine, and pediatrics.


In mostof these agencys if youre not able to afford your entire bill you can be assisted by financial councelors in filling out government-sponsored programs, or you can choose to make monthly payments.

At places such as Duke, if you do not have insurance you may recieve discounted services under DUHS financial assistance policy.

For services coverd by insurance they diretly bill your primary insurance, or if able your secondary which includes Medicare and Medicaid.

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Where Can You Go?


-Chapel Hill

-Wake Forest

Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center