BreAnna Carmack

2nd Hour Computer Lit

Family and Friends

love spending time with my mom and dad and friends. I currently am friends with Megan Core, Haylee Robinett, and Josie Copeland.

Osage Trail Middle School

I am currently in 8th grade at Osage Trail Middle school. I am about to move into the high school and Osage Trail is a good school to be at.


I played volleyball for the school in 8th grade and next year I might try out, I'm planning on it and hanging with my best friends outside of school.

Pictures of my Hobbies

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Info about upcoming career day

Upcoming career day is March 24th and I'm going to hear someone talk who is a nurse and someone who is a photographer, and also someone who is a cosmetologist.

Current Grades (3rd quarter)

3rd quarter I had 3 A's, 2 B's, and 2 C's.