The Skeletal System

Learn all about the skeletal system

What is the skeletal system?

The Skeletal system is all the bones and ligaments in your body. Your bones are strong and durable but also light. The bones are connected by several tissues, some of other types
such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

The skull

-The skull is known as the cranium

-The skull protects the brain and other organs

-8 bones form the cranium and 14 bones form the face

-When you are little your skull is not fused together so that is why your cranium can still change shape

-The skull also helps form facial features
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What are bones made of?

-It's outside is made of a hard outer layer which is called peritoneum

-Under it is a spongy bone which is called cancellous

-Under spongy bone is the bone marrow in which new cells are produced
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Fun Facts?

-Babies have more bones than adults

- Human bones grow continuously until your mid twenties

- Like all human body parts, bones are continually repaired to the point that every 7 years we essentially have a new bone
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